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Nivalis, the futuristic city through which the occasions of Cloudpunk happen, truly is the center and soul of Ion Lands’ charming “neon noir” journey recreation. A superbly evocative voxel artwork town, it right away transports us to a long term that so exactly remembers the neon-drenched storefronts, rain-soaked streets and seedy underbelly of the dystopian imaginative and prescient of Los Angeles everyone knows and love from Blade Runner. It is a global the place flying vehicles, identified right here as HOVAs, zoom round in an impossibly unhealthy mess of sunshine and steel, the place the clouds above town boil and rage, monumental billboards promote determined denizens not possible goals and monolithic skyscrapers stretch off in each path.

Greater than another name we’ve got performed in contemporary reminiscence, Cloudpunk depends on its environment, at the graphical wizardry of its artists and the intricately woven environment they have created with the intention to promote its tale, and so it is truly a relatively large downside that this Transfer port of the sport — outsourced right here to Merge Video games, who’ve additionally treated the reportedly problematic PS4 and Xbox variations — struggles on nearly each stage to ship the sweetness of Nivalis intact to Nintendo’s hybrid console. This port is, briefly, somewhat of a large number.

Cloudpunk’s tale, which takes position throughout one lengthy night time within the town, sees you suppose the position of Rania, a newcomer to those imply streets who is taken a place with the semi-legal Cloudpunk supply carrier. Selecting up jobs that see her ferry all means of products and passengers around the neon cityscape with path equipped through the relatively shady Regulate, “by no means pass over a supply, by no means ask what is within the bundle”, it is an intriguing story that is smartly informed via a handful of likeable characters and sees our protagonist slowly revealing shady truths about her employer and the tensions and rivalries that grip the streets under.

Zipping round on your HOVA, zooming down neon corridors that really feel alive with futuristic site visitors and up and out around the foreboding night time sky is a pleasing enjoy within the PC model of this recreation, it is by no means much less that massively atmospheric stuff and it is added to immensely through the truth you’ll emerge out of your hover automobile, slowly throttling right down to boulevard stage and leaping out to discover more than a few sketchy neighbourhoods on foot. This component of the sport has additionally just lately been added to through a very good replace, introducing a slick first particular person point of view which does an out of this world task of immersing you totally on your atmosphere. Making your manner round right here, via streets full of cyborgs and people, sellers, thugs and desperados, you’ll be able to witness noisy police automobile chases zip through overhead as each storefront, billboard and light-weight is mirrored fantastically within the rain-soaked pavements underneath your toes. It makes each pick-up and drop-off a pleasure. The gameplay right here could also be relatively easy stuff — a succession of easy supply eventualities with the occasional ethical option to be made — however the evocative nature of Nivalis holds all of it in combination. It is a town we need to discover, darting round in our HOVA, soaking within the environment and simply present for a time period on this superb little global.

And so this is a actual disgrace that the Transfer model of Cloudpunk sees such a lot of this immaculately crafted environment disappear in a port that truly struggles on a technical stage. There aren’t any reflections within the rain right here, streets which have been as soon as so massively evocative had been tired of a lot in their voxel attractiveness and environment. The sport’s draw-distance has been curtailed hugely, that means the ones gloriously foreboding skyscrapers and billboards that supply a lot of the sport’s futuristic backdrop as you zoom round have all however disappeared till you are driven proper up towards them. You can spend maximum of your time right here dashing round enveloped through a depressing gray fog with constructions, streets and nice giant neon hoardings popping jarringly into view as you draw close to. It is massively disappointing stuff.

There is a ton of jaggy edges on each floor, the beautiful volumetric results that gave Nivalis such a lot of its sparkling sense of self appear totally absent and the framerate nonetheless can not handle the motion, even on this compromised state. Cloudpunk on Transfer steadily dips proper down under 20fps, stuttering hugely as you input new spaces — an motion you are again and again compelled into that now ceaselessly incurs thirty-to-forty 2d load instances — and not manages to be in anyway dependable at any level as you pass about your small business. Site visitors ranges appear to have been culled as smartly, we discovered ourselves touring on my own down barren stretches of street with infrequently an indication of the topsy turvy mess of long term vehicles zooming in and round, above and under every different that we take into account from our time with the PC model of this recreation.

The UI, particularly in hand-held mode, is a relatively blurred enjoy with issues at the map and the numeric signs that display how a long way it’s in your subsequent function now nearly totally unreadable. It is not slightly so unhealthy in docked mode however this may be the place the graphical layers which were stripped away with the intention to get the sport up and working — the tough edges, pixellation and empty gray fog that exchange such a lot of the as soon as wondrous backdrop right here — are laid totally naked. Cloudpunk on Transfer is a a long way cry from the pleasant unique model we fell in love with again in April of this 12 months.

You probably have a PC in a position to working it, we strongly counsel you leap into Ion Lands’ journey on that platform as what awaits you there’s a splendidly evocative slice of cyberpunk myth that, throughout the power of its intricately crafted environment, attracts you completely into its story. On Transfer, as issues stand at the moment and with out some critical patching down the road, this is likely one of the maximum disappointing ports we’ve got come throughout in slightly a while.


Cloudpunk on Transfer is a massively disappointing port that struggles technically and in the long run fails to ship the sport in a adequate means on Nintendo’s hybrid platform. Merge Video games have made drastic cuts everywhere, with a hugely diminished draw-distance sucking a lot of the existence out of Nivalis, volumetric results lacking totally, pixellation rampant and a framerate that also chugs alongside within the face of all of those concessions. If you have got a PC in a position to taking part in this one we might extremely counsel you play on that platform as that is an journey that is smartly value experiencing in its unique shape. This actual model, then again, will have to most certainly be have shyed away from.

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