Christopher Mitchell- How To Make A Dwelling Playing ($100 To $500 In keeping with Day) At The On line casino.

Christopher Mitchell- How To Make A Dwelling Playing ($100 To $500 In keeping with Day) At The On line casino. On this video, Entrepreneur and Skilled Gambler Christopher Mitchell tells you precisely How To Make A Dwelling Playing At The On line casino.

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18 Replies to “Christopher Mitchell- How To Make A Dwelling Playing ($100 To $500 In keeping with Day) At The On line casino.”

  1. He said always have a bankroll 50x your buy-in. He said he bought in for 5000 so his bets should be $100 a hand. He said he won $3000. With the scorecard he showed he must've won almost every bet because it surely looks like he only played just about 30 hands. That means he won over 90% of his bets. So he's telling us his strategy wins over 90%?

  2. Btw, have u ever been to Shreveport Louisiana? I'll be there in 2 weeks. Blackjack is my game.😎wish me and my wife luck.

  3. If you guys only knew that their's also a strategy for the side bets maybe one day you will discover it chris like you did with your other strategies by the way im one of your fans always watching your videos

  4. Thanks a lot Chris, I'm Brandon from outside Chicago, Peoria is the closest Casino is called Paradice Casino I will be going this weekend to play Blackjack and I am confident in making money using your Tips and The Martingale strategy. I know you changed yours and I'd like to get to know them. Your videos have really helped me on becoming a professional. 😊 Thanks again

  5. Christopher you are the man!! I started learning baccarat after watching your videos and long story short, I was putting small bets. I found myself making money for a couple of days but then giving back most of the profit because I was spending too much time at the table. Placing bigger bets and walking out after 200-300$ have been easier and actually less risky. 10-15 mins at the table and I’m gone! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. It has been very helpful. BTW I use the 2up/3down strategy starting on banker.

  6. HI. Thank you for another very good video . I have a question though. What are the chances of being banned by a casino or a casino chain for having constant winnings or for having a winning strategy that constantly beats the casino games? I've heard such stories of pro gamblers that eventually got banned by casinos for being unstoppable . Could you upload a video on this topic, for us, with some tips on how to not get banned by casinos?

  7. U like how your blessing with free knowledge people need it out here I got good enough at MGM to get my own host recently really nice streaks lol

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