China's 1st rehab devoted to playing dependancy | South-Asia | WION

China’s 1st rehab devoted to playing dependancy | South-Asia | WION

Playing was once outlawed in mainland China along side different acitivities deemed vices through the communist birthday celebration when it took over in 1949.

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25 Replies to “China's 1st rehab devoted to playing dependancy | South-Asia | WION”

  1. Namaste:
    Global times chinese news paper is only read by few members of the Chinese comunst party, the rest specially INDIANS thinks that chinese global time is just a global T o i l. E t paper, jai hind

  2. India was won by the East India Dock company because of a Hindu losing a card games against the superior Aryan race. History is repeating itself.

  3. I live in Canada and most of the casinoes have almost old chinese people all over them trying to win jackpots and make their useless life worth living for once

  4. Its a wonderful treatment, firstly – they cut off both your hands.
    Then if you arent deterred – they prop your eyelids open with toothpicks so you can watch as they execute your family.
    Apparently they an almost perfect record

  5. TRUMP 2020 vote for freedom for prosperity in making a better future for your child and coming future days to protect your family from CCP Chinese people are good Chinese culture is best Chinese culture always teachers' China to be humble polite show a fraction to your loved ones and to care about others but Chinese Communist Party is doing all opposite of this and forcing their people to follow the same god bless Chinese people God keep them safe

  6. There are 100,000-300,000 mainland chinese in their new province philippines working as online gamblers. All the mainland chinese could easily get into the philippines despite them being the most illegally overstaying citizens in the country. Look at what chinese money can do

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