46 Replies to “Child Cool & Ariela Store For Pricey, Affordable Ass Automobiles”

  1. I wonder how common motorbikes are there. Maybe they can get one of those to start at least to be able to run errands and things like that, then use public transport for other things.

  2. I think it’s insanely racist for people to assume every brown person in a third world country is trying to “white price” someone.
    A little research (that you all love to scream about to cast members on the show) will show you that cars really are that expensive in Ethiopia.

  3. I think the car dealer is trying to rip her off because she is white. She is trying to charge her 17,000 USD for an old junk car that wouldn’t even be worth 3,000 USD in the USA.
    No way would they charge a black Ethiopian that much.

  4. I understand him with the comparing. Of course it makes sense. But also if you’re gonna buy anything in a foreign country you know well to not go with an American because they will jack up the prices. Or if they go at least not let them talk. Because as soon as they hear English the prices spikes.

  5. Girl. You didn't Google ANYTHING about the cost of living in Ethiopia before moving there?? "I just assumed things would be cheaper in Ethiopia" 🤦🏿‍♀️😒

  6. This is what Western liberals don't understand about the third world. They're often poor because they have HIGH taxes, which creates a barrier to the free market meaning there's less material wealth. Also it encourages high-earners (who are often wealth creators) to leave the country decreasing the tax base creating a cycle where taxes need to go ever higher to compensate for those richer people leaving…

  7. cars go down in value as soon as you drive it out of the lot. and this one is USED to begin with. what is he talking about?

  8. Every parent in this show helps out their kids. What happened to people making their own living? Idiocracy is happening lol

  9. Also me "i'm NOT HAPPY" ….
    I can't believe people moving to another country without research a little bit…

  10. That lady saw a white women and said I’m gonna be rich today 😂😂😩 there’s no way a car like that can be that expensive I would understand half the the price but 22k yeah that’s insane I can buy a brand new car with that price and ship to Ethiopia for a cheaper price then what that lady is trying to charge them 😂😂😂

  11. I know she moans a lot but I'm with Ari on this one. Those cars are WAY too expensive! Kids are expensive and they can't blow all their budget on a car. You'd think that she would do research before moving a country and have a plan set up. She is having a kid, how can she not pre plan all the expenses??

  12. Who could blame her? Paying the same price for a “beater” car as you would pay for a base new car in the US is shocking to someone who doesn’t know better. Even if it’s the reality, knowing the difference definitely hurts in the wallet 😂

  13. She's such a drama queen. 🙄 👑You're not in the U.S. anymore honey. Probably shouldn't have fallen on that bed eh?

  14. i think he knows the saleswoman and theyre trying to price gouge her. If those cars were 17000 dollars then no locals would be able to drive them. The avg salary is 5K dollars

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