Cheater Stuck at Parx Large Stax?! (Playing Vlog #81)

Cheater stuck at parx large stax poker match. marked playing cards attitude on this weeks poker vlog and playing vlog. we performed the parx large stax 500 and re entered too again and again. that is the most efficient poker vlog 2020 since we’re so at the back of modifying. Experience





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28 Replies to “Cheater Stuck at Parx Large Stax?! (Playing Vlog #81)”

  1. 10:30 that was me haha I was the black guy you were playing with… I was bluffing 😀 hahaha
    I thought if I checked you would fire too wide. Had no idea you were nutted on flop

  2. Strewth mate, ya sound like a drongo tryin to yap like ya come from Straya. Ya need a tap on the scone with a nulla, just keep yabberin seppo.

  3. You are such a fucking legend,have watched all the vlogs in two days,now I am doing parkour all over Croatia..Spreading degens now all over my beautifull country..

  4. First time I went to parx I stacked A guy and before he went in he said I shouldn’t be doing this I haven’t even paid my electric bill…at that moment I new that casino was for me lol

  5. Big fan of your videos, although as degenerates go you seem to lean more to the conservative side. Not a bad thing.

    I’ve taken a grand to the borgata (in my younger days, maybe 23) and got down to $100 only to turn it into $40k, get blackout drunk, wake up in a suite with $6k in chips in random pockets and roll back to PA already late for work.

    My friends ask how’d you do? I won 5k. Awesome! No you don’t get it…

    Anyway keep posting stuff, boring times right now, and congrats on the 3rd place in Vegas!

  6. Yo Ryan, I have an idea… Do another meetup or just do a raffle or something. Winner gets to go Atlantic City or wherever and gamble with you and the Mush (Joey)….That would be Epic!

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