Character Five Strikers Assessment – A Tough Different Self

On the finish of Character 5, we parted techniques with an important forged of characters we grew to like over the process a 100-hour tale. Final 12 months’s Character Five Royal gave us an excuse to revisit that very same journey with further content material, however fanatics yearned for an all-new adventure. Character Five Strikers reunites the solid from the unique recreation six months later for an all-new commute throughout Japan. Despite the fact that it enormously adjustments a couple of key parts of the enjoy, it nonetheless seems like a real, compelling continuation of the sport that stole RPG fanatics’ hearts just about 4 years in the past.

Many portions of the Character Five enjoy elevate into Strikers; after listening to rumors of folks abusing their energy, you keep an eye on the Phantom Thieves as you examine the allegations sooner than leaping to the cognitive international of the Metaverse to infiltrate their dungeon (that are referred to as “jails” this time round) and alter their hearts. Alongside the way in which, you combat thru lots of Shadows as you move towards the chief of the dungeon for a climactic showdown. Whilst understanding the unique recreation’s tale complements the enjoy, it’s no longer a demand to revel in Strikers. The familiarity of this formulation is sort of a heat homecoming for those who did play Character 5, however whenever you get started beating up enemies, it’s obtrusive it is a other beast from the historically turn-based RPG sequence.

When it’s time to fight, Character Five Strikers adjustments from a methodical dungeon-crawler to an all-out motion recreation. The hack-and-slash taste of struggle from Musou video games like Dynasty Warriors is applied in small-scale encounters; every Phantom Thief has mild and heavy assaults you employ in several combos to accomplish particular assaults with standing results. I beloved the frenetic and intuitive motion that comes from slashing thru hordes of enemies and staring at them fly off the threshold of Joker’s knife or Panther’s whip, however the struggle provides additional intensity the usage of the characters’ Personas.

At any level in a fight, you’ll summon a personality’s Character; the motion pauses as you select a spell to forged and the realm it’s going to have an effect on. In case you hit an enemy’s weak spot, you open them up for a follow-up assault. In case you hit them laborious sufficient, you begin an impressive All-Out Assault, the place the entire group pounces at the enemies immediately. The summoning device, when blended with the fast moving struggle and other environmental interactions, delivers a easy enjoy that empowers you to take down enemies in fashionable and environment friendly type. My favourite battles had me swapping between characters, damn off other mixtures, exploiting weaknesses with their Personas, detonating explosive gadgets, losing chandeliers, and turning in devastating ultimate blows to near out the display. A continuing movement of this motion can be laborious, however Character Five Strikers does a just right activity of pacing the encounters out throughout the jails.

Jails percentage many attributes with the palaces of Character 5. They each exist within the Metaverse, have a ruler you’re seeking to defeat to modify their conduct in the actual international, and are filled with Shadows to take down. On the other hand, jails don’t ship the creativity of the palace design. I preferred the waypoint all the time telling me the place to head, but if just about each and every prison is a point-A-to-point-B mission, I sooner or later felt like I used to be merely going throughout the motions to succeed in my vacation spot. One prison makes an attempt to combine up the formulation with a brief stealth segment and paths with portals that sell off you in different spaces, however those adjustments come throughout extra as half-hearted gimmicks that I used to be happy to look deserted after one look.

Each and every prison is dominated through a monarch, an impressive particular person within the real-world who has discovered a strategy to thieve the wishes of on a regular basis folks to really enslave them. As a substitute of giving in to probably the most seven fatal sins, monarchs have had their hearts corrupted through some type of non-public trauma. I once in a while struggled to sympathize with the characters when the time got here for his or her alternate of middle, but if this narrative thread works, the tale of Character Five Strikers delivers some in point of fact touching sequences about how trauma can alternate an individual. Those moments are enhanced through what number of of them draw parallels to what a member of your group went thru within the first recreation.


Catching up with quite a lot of participants of the Phantom Thieves was once the component I used to be maximum excited for in Character Five Strikers, and it delivers for probably the most section. I beloved studying what they’ve been as much as because the first recreation and staring at them develop much more thru this journey. On the other hand, I used to be upset to have restricted social-simulation alternatives. The social-link mechanics are nowhere to be present in Strikers. As a substitute, you could have a bond device that permits you to improve the birthday celebration. You’ll be able to communicate to the characters across the town and invite a significant other of your opting for to do sure actions all the way through the tale, however the conversations are generally inconsequential and underwhelming.

Whilst no longer each and every disparate component comes in combination in addition to it did in Character 5, I used to be more than pleased to head on any other journey with the characters I advanced such bonds with again in 2017. The motion might play out totally otherwise, however the middle of the sequence stays intact.

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