Celebrating and shaming poker good fortune

On this video I am speaking about how we rejoice and disgrace poker good fortune within the years 2005-2020.

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Andreas analyzes are living poker arms from television poker displays similar to
Poker After Darkish, EPT (Eu Poker Excursion), Prime Stakes Poker, the International Sequence of Poker (WSOP),
the Aussie Hundreds of thousands, WPT (International Poker Excursion) the Large One For One Drop and the Triton Tremendous Prime Rollers.

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5 Replies to “Celebrating and shaming poker good fortune”

  1. Well, I guess HighstakesDB doesn't track results anymore which probably led to less hype of cash game success as well. On a similar note, 10 years ago, Pokertableratings was around. Generally, I think that people who watch poker for entertainment will always prefer the degenerate durrrrs and isildur1s over the Christoph Vogelsangs. Maybe there are less of these people around these days. Probably not true, as there is always a new generation. On the other hand, the people who play poker very seriously want to win themselves and grudge other people their successes if they're not winning themselves. But anyway, I mostly agree with the fact that the value of MTT wins has been inflated by the wide range of tourneys and series around.

  2. I always enjoy videos like this one from you. Takes a look on a side of the game which is not often discussed.
    Keep up the good work!👍🏼

  3. I dont care if any1 wins a tournament for 50k, poker succes for me is making a minimum income of 30k a year with poker and to be stil in the game each year. All these glory hunters who think they are pro after winning a big tournament will not even survive in the long run. or wait yes, they will survive because they will get paid each month by their boss for who they work.
    but ofcourse everybody has an other difinition of their own poker succes.
    How will the poker mtt community be better? online: have ur sharkscope open so people can also see what you lost. Live: handomob needs to put losses also in their. because the winnings on their are so incorrect. Did u win a tournament? Post ur graph and dont post the tournament win. ( cash game grinders also posts graphs of their months/years only)

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