CASINO ROYALE | “I’m the cash.”

“I’m the cash.” Bond (Daniel Craig) meets HM treasury agent Vesper Lynd (Eva Inexperienced) for the primary time at the teach to Montenegro in CASINO ROYALE (2006). The scene used to be shot at Modrany Studios in Prague. Manufacturer Barbara Broccoli stated: “She is the girl who puts the most important mark upon Bond for the remainder of his existence.”

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  1. Casino Royale is not only my favorite Bond film, but one of my favorite movies period. The banter in this scene alone is one of the best interplays in most of the Bond films.

  2. Our government will have directly finance terrorism… Wrong it should have been…. Our government WOULD have directly finance terrorism.

  3. This, folks, is why you need good writers for a story and dialogue. Quantum of Solace didn't have any writers because of the strike, and the movie went down hill.

  4. This was to esnue that she would be his moneypenny, but THANKFULLY got Tia Salma to do her instead cause that reveal at end of Skyfall was priceless and perfect cause we got to know her properly as his semi love interest /partner and she says her name and I smiled. RIP Vespa.. I miss her too much here… Love them together, hate his reaction to her death.. heartening.

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