Card Counting in a Pandemic | 2020 Blackjack

Within the U.S. and many of the global casinos are closed. So that you may well be interested by on-line blackjack. In case you are a card-counter that isn’t going to be simple.

First be certain it’s felony the place you are living and that this is a felony, respected, regulated on line casino. I strongly suggest handiest felony, accountable gaming.

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20 Replies to “Card Counting in a Pandemic | 2020 Blackjack”

  1. Craps is usually my game but because of the pandemic I have started to try to learn blackjack. It is officially Live dealers are legit & from Golden Nugget casino. I have notice that most of the casinos are all connected and all use the same online live dealers. Biggest issues I have seen are getting randomly kicked out of online in the middle of hands at times or players just making stupid plays hitting on hard 20 vs a dealer 10. I use paypal fund my account & receuve my payouts. At the end of the day it is all about self discipline & realistic goals.

  2. Also you can watch Blackjack & Craps on #CEG’s (Casino Education Group) Youtube channel. AND, now on #Twitch, you can actually #PLAYBlackjack & #Craps with other people #LIVE…. (NOT FOR REAL MONEY of course) So, if you’ve never watched the guys at CEG, they’re a lot of fun & we can get our gambling fix playing on Twitch with them.

  3. I’m in PA right now, & most local casinos have online BJ. I think I’d ONLY play w Live Dealers anyway.
    Also, if they don’t give your $$$ back, you can ALWAYS #DISPUTE your original #Charge only, with whatever Credit Card Company you put the original charge on. (probably WON’T GET ANY WINNINGS BACK THO’) .

  4. looks to still have live dealers. Although the pen is like 3 decks. I think the games are better higher limits you play.
    You mentioned indexes for single deck games. Are they different from 6 deck games? If so where might I find a table on single deck?

  5. I wouldn't recommend playing at an online casino, they give less than 50% pen, and on top of that they constantly burn cards. They also deal incredibly slow, so terrible for rounds per hour. I bet simming these games with cvcx would reveal some nightmarish numbers.

  6. with all this downtime I was considering leveling up from Hilo to Zen, I play a fair amount of double deck. Any thoughts bud? Im curious if its even possible after hundreds of thousands of hands of Hilo. I think you went from HiOpt2 to Hilo but Zen might be a happy medium.

  7. You might have a hard time getting your money card counting online, not to mention the penetration is usually terrible. There are also fees for withdrawing money

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