Can It Beat Blackjack: The Reality In the back of the Pace Rely

Discovering a depend that works for you is essential. How a lot EV are you having a look to generate? What sort of possibility of damage are you pleased with? On this video Colin stocks the maths and a few private recommendation at the Pace Rely.

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25 Replies to “Can It Beat Blackjack: The Reality In the back of the Pace Rely”

  1. Here’s a tip that might help any system mature within your own game.

    So I came up with a different language for negative counts. I sort of combined using d-1 d-2 d-3 into:

    Done: -1
    Doo: -2
    Dee: -3
    Door: -4
    Dive: -5
    Dix: -6
    Deven: -7
    Date: -8
    Dine: -9
    Den: -10
    Deleven: -11

    And for 12 and on just use regular language. This is for new and old counters who sometimes get a count like -3 and 3 mixed up at times when you end the last hand not saying negative or “d” before the number (it happens especially when the number in the last hand drastically changes).
    So give it a try, it might take an hour or two of practice but it definitely helped me mature into an ap quicker and avoided a lot of mistakes.

  2. I've always found KO system to be the best combination of simplicity and effectiveness. I know that hi-lo performs a bit better in most simulations, but that doesn't account for errors that come from the conversions, rounding, etc. If you're mistaking 3.6 decks for 4 decks or making subtle mistakes here or there, you're giving up all of the benefits that hi-lo has. So, for a simpler system that has fewer ways to make mistakes, I definitely suggest KO.

  3. Winner of a video, I have been researching "define counting cards" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Tonvelyn Xiylijah Trick – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? It is a good one of a kind product for learning how to make fast money using this lotto system without the hard work. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my work colleague at very last got amazing results with it.

  4. I would suggest using a simple counting aistem like ace/5 or speedcount to somebody new for a little bit of time.
    Not in a casino just in training. When you get good in it try with a hi lo or more complicated one.

  5. Okay Colin, since this particular topic is a very good part of my entire life, here's what I propose to you in this very limited box of comment fun. As always, I will say you have demonstrated wonderful videos and presentation, but you are a very rare anomaly and extremely lucky individual in how you got started as a "card counter." I would recommend doing an entire video segment for some of us more deeply entrenched minds with you at the table and same amount of start money you had when you began that fateful day ($1200.00), and demonstrate how you and Ben (Mr. $800.00) built into millions of dollars using the "Hi Lo" outside of your former world as a teacher or whatever it was you were doing (and especially outside of ever being a casino dealer or floor executive) before becoming a professional advantage player. Humor me without commenting back, "Buy one of my courses and become a member."

  6. Hi Colin, top content as ever.
    I know Basic Strategy (for UK games e.g. DAS, double on any two cards, S17,etc) but was wondering who would be less worse off over the long run between a Basic Strategy player who gives the casino a 0.5% house edge or a bad card counter?
    I appreciate that ‘bad’ is very open to interpretation but for example the Basic Strat player standing on two 10s and the poor card counter splitting those tens when their mistaken count tell them to.
    Is is possible to say how many errors and where they might fall to tip your 2% advantage over the casino and a winning game to a point where sticking with Basic Strategy is best? Cheers!

  7. Colin my name's Rafael I want to thank you for your videos . I am trying to learn blackjack after years of playing poker. I play online though on pokerstars and 888poker blackjack tables. Can you please help recommend a way to win at online poker? I have implemented basic strategy's charts that you use and it has helped me especially in situations I would have hit where I learned to stand and have the dealer bust instead but is there a strategy in online poker in how to size your bets and when to get the minimum when to get a standard amount you set and when to bet big? Also do you have a way you could please help me with strategy between playing one hand at a time vs 3 hands at a time vs 5 hands at a time and how PP and 21+3 can be used to win at varying number of hands played simultaneously? Thank you . I know you are telling me not to bother counting cards online so I will save that for live casino's but I'm hoping with quarantine there is still a way to win without counting somehow in online games. Thank you again Colin . I really appreciate how you are trying to help teach people like me on YouTube when you really don't have to and I really appreciate what you do

  8. Colin did you sim Speed Count with the count weighted strategy? I may have missed it but you added the deviations for Hilo, and there are no deviations for SC. It uses T. Hopper's strategy.

  9. Hey collin we all know your opinion on non highlow counting systems but dont you know anybody that successfully used a system like double exposure

  10. SPEED COUNT: I think it's perfect for people who want an easy system that gets them comps while breaking even in the long run !

  11. This sounds like a strategy people use if they go on tilt. Control your emotions and use the best strategy out there so you’re equipped with the right arsenal to take the casinos down.

  12. Thank you so much for your videos! I’m in love with your English! I watch your channel to practice the language apart from learning how to play and I understand every single word you say! That’s amazing 🤪

  13. I'm quite new to this and I am confused with risk of ruin. If someone has a 10% risk of ruin, i get its a 10% chance of going bust but over how much time/how many hands?

  14. Hello and thanks for everything vidéo ! I havé one question , i’m a new player and i préfère to play in online casino so can all of Davi es you give on all vidéo be applied on online casino ?

  15. Colin 2 Qs, I was thinking of getting an Ipad primarily to use your app. Any plans for android? Also can you define your own indices? I'm using the numbers from Ken Smith's advanced cards. Thank you!

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