Can any individual lend a hand me in finding an difficult to understand playing guide? : playing

My grandfather had a selection of playing books. When I used to be more youthful and no longer of age to legally gamble, I once in a while learn a couple of of his books.

One guide used to be about prop bets, cons, scams, and so on. The guide had a fictional narrator named Turk, and a chum that I will’t take note his identify. The 2 of them would use informal discussion to speak about more than a few scams, techniques of creating a handy guide a rough dollar, and find out how to escape along with your bets (or cons).

Such things as trivialities about Reno, Nevada being additional west on a map then Los Angeles, what number of outs are in a whole inning (6, as a result of their is a most sensible and backside part of an inning, each and every crew will get three outs).

Or sneaky cons like when wagering on a spherical of golfing, to use Vaseline in your golf equipment earlier than enjoying, since Vaseline makes the ball move straighter when hit.

There have been difficult to understand prop bets like making a bet on what sugar dice a fly would land on. Spraying ammonia on a dice would build up the probabilities of a fly touchdown on it as a result of they’re drawn to the odor.

Or successful of venture on how two other folks (you and your buddy/playing pal) can stand on a postcard with out bodily touching each and every different. Position the postcard beneath a door, with the sides protruding on each and every facet, then each and every particular person on reverse aspects of the door stands on one edge and holds the doorknob to stay their steadiness.

I do know that is truly peculiar, and this guide is also like 50 or extra years previous, however has any individual else heard of it?

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