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A Chinese language on line casino empire to rival Macau is making an investment large in Cambodia, reworking a once-sleepy seashore the town right into a hub for gangsters and shady operators.
Tens of hundreds of Chinese language staff have moved to Sihanoukville, many running within the backrooms of swiftly constructed casinos or labouring night time and day on development websites.
As hovering skyscrapers fill the horizon, the Cambodian govt is welcoming the huge money injection with open palms.
However as houses are demolished and roads cave in below the load of development, resentment amongst locals is rising.
101 East investigates the underworld figures profiting from Cambodia’s on line casino increase.

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39 Replies to “Cambodia's On line casino Gamble | 101 East”

  1. Chinese, Chinese, Chinese. It is so easy blaming everything to Chinese. Why Cambodia allowed Casino? Because theie is huge amount of tax goes to government. The tutorists also boost local economy. Where does all these money go? If the local citizens do not benefit from it? Whom to blame?

  2. Casinos, hotels, malls, etc. Everytime that some region starts to develop a better economy the prices of everything will be increased, then they would look for another place to live and to be carefully to start working being to young in such enviroments.

  3. They even bring worker from china, I am wondering what is left for Cambodians… governments should never allow this type of situation. Shame on them

  4. Chinese government should forbid resolutely Chinese nationals to have and run casinos in Cambodia, which are forbidden in China.

  5. Obviously, there is lot of corruption in Combodian government. In the hunt for quick buck, majority of Cambodian people are turning a blind eye to the dangers accompanying Chinese investment. Feeling very sorry for those people who cannot realise that their future is obscured because of this gambling business.

  6. The Cambodia casino was provided by the chinese investment.the high grade officer of corruption for a large scale.of the.lawless country.

  7. To people with money: please consider investing in labour intensive productive industries & avoid the gambling industry. You can still make money and you will feel good & proud about it. It will help you sleep at night. 😊

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  9. Casinos are a horrible way to raise money. The odds of people within a 10-km radius developing gambling addictions is through the roof!

  10. Bruh, this is hypocritical. For one thing I’m a Cambodian, the real problem is Chinese investor not the Chinese government. The investor came to Cambodia to seek for new opportunities. Another problem is Vietnamese in Cambodia, why don’t you guy show how horrible they are living in Cambodia? They have become a spy everywhere now, secondly Cambodia choosing China is a great move because no western country interest in investing Cambodia because they have Thailand and Vietnam, they just wanted to let Cambodia vanished into the map. Thirdly, when the Cambodia government removed in a few more years to come. We will have the benefit of Chinese investment and will increase our gdp even right now our citizen is living in hardship.

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