27 Replies to “Bruce Springsteen Roulette Tracks disc 2”

  1. Now I don't know who to trust and I don't know what I can believe
    They say they want to help me but with the stuff they keep on saying
    I think those guys just wanna keep on playing roulette, with my life

  2. Dramatic, clever opening that then proceeds through to a dramatic, matching closure. And in the process solving the problem of how to start and how to end. That's artistry.

  3. "Ohio", "Ignoreland", "Sunday Bloody Sunday", "Jimmy Sharman's Boxers" & this song are adrenaline shots directly to the heart of righteous anger. This is one my 10 favorite Springsteen songs.

  4. I love this song a true Bruce Springsteen song that puts you in a concert show even just listening from cd or such,same energy this song has is how his concert is. I never get tired listening over and over thank you Bruce Springsteen 😊😀☺

  5. Depends which album you're talking about. Have to remember the guy threw out an entire LP of the more rockin' tracks from those sessions, The Ties That Bind. For whatever reason, this one didn't fit what he was trying to convey with the LP that eventually became The River.

  6. i couldnt agree more with your comment john.. ive had the honor and privilege of seeing him live 6 times and everytime its so surreal

  7. On this day in 1979 {March 28th} In Pennsylvania at Three Island a nuclear reactor overheated and experienced a partial meltdown…

  8. @kerofan101 For Pete's sake, don't see him live. Think you're addicted now? It's be like meth, cocaine, and heroin, at the same time. You'll need Springsteen detox to get off him, if you ever do.

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