Brittany's Again In Chicago, Divorcing It Up

Mother: Good day Brittany, how used to be your commute to Jordan to peer Yazan?
Brittany: Come once more?
Mother: Did you may have excellent time?
Brittany: What is for dinner?

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45 Replies to “Brittany's Again In Chicago, Divorcing It Up”

  1. She constantly looks like she’s sitting on hemorrhoids with the grimace on her face 😬 or like she farted but it was a lil wet

  2. She is her Father's daughter. She smiles constantly, even when she's upset. Her Father was telling her how worried he was n didn't want her to go with a whole wide smile on his face.
    Rodney from Marrying millions does the same shit. It's like a nervous smile. "Yes, I cheated on you." huge smile
    Bunch of weirdos… I wonder if they smile at funerals also. Lol

  3. Shes a pretty girl but shes hard to look at sometimes because she wears too much makeup plus the long wigs plus the braces and the lashes

  4. Why is she always kind of smiling? It makes everything look so fake and awkward

    Edit: lol everyone wondering the same

  5. What's up with her face and why does she always has to talk with this weird smile on her face….her face keeps going like she's constipated. LOL

  6. It's very said that she didn't really come back for the baby and is more concerned with her divorce. Her mum seems very honest and wise. She said "that's how he grew up" Exactly, sometimes we dont think of other peoples life experiences but this is how we are moulded into who we are and she needs to realise the cultural norms and the way children are brought up in what I would call a strict Muslim family.

  7. Her parents are polar opposite. Her dad is very giddy and smiles at everything. While her mom looks very serious and smiles very faintly lol

  8. I love Brittany’s mother the logical one ☝🏾
    that knows her trifling daughter—look 👀 at her facial expression 😂 when Brittany tries to explain herself. Brittany is cheesy she lies a lot and doesn’t take responsibility for her actions and lack of. She’s always smiling even when she lies as if it’s all a joke smh!

  9. I just hate how her mouth is always in this weird grimace/smile when she talks in addition to her being a terrible person

  10. she has a smile that says "nothing to see here, everything is fine" like when you know you are at a gun point and don't know to alert someone😂

  11. Real Muslims don’t force their religion .. it’s actually frowned up on and treating women badly is also frowned upon and a big no in the Quran

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