17 Replies to “Borgata Money Poker Vlog Atlantic Town Episode 90”

  1. Keep living the felt life, appreciate you continuing post vlogs after all the criticism you receive you seem to take it pretty well.
    Happy Holidays Stay Safe

  2. Just stumbled across your vlogs and this is the first one I have watched. Let me ask you this first, if you don"t know why you are betting you are in big trouble.

  3. He looked very confident on the min raise. A fold could be found there. Don't mind your call as you knew it was a gamble at that point.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. 7-9o: not notable, probably good leaving that one out
    K-2c: it’s ok to widen your range sometimes, although in the small blind this is pretty reckless and ill-advised. Also lol at “the turn doesn’t do a damn thing for us” when it’s actually a good card for you. Not sure the thought process there. At any rate, this is a good card to barrel on given the situation you find yourself in. You definitely should NOT continue betting on the river. It’s time to give up when you miss.
    A-10s: this isn’t an amazing flop for you with a just ok ace, going 5-ways. It’s very easy for someone to have a better ace or two pair, although leading out is fine there to see where you’re at.
    JQo: thinking someone has a 9 doesn’t make much sense, not sure where you are getting that logic from. As played I think checking down is fine, although when it checks to you on the river, you can probably go for thin value as it’s unlikely you’re beat at that point.
    AA: 3-bet should be higher. You basically min-raised. Giving way too good a price to set-mine or flop well. Maybe closer to $75-80.

    Appreciate the content.

  5. with that AA hand, with an open to $26 and a call, I would size up my 3bet, especially since you said the initial raiser was calling everything, I would make it like $85 or $90 to isolate the initial raiser.

  6. K2 suited is ok to call out of the small blind in a cash game. The rest of the hand was questionable but understandable. Great video.

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