BONUS within the BONUS within the BONUS 💰 Bag Sport at Choctaw On line casino

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39 Replies to “BONUS within the BONUS within the BONUS 💰 Bag Sport at Choctaw On line casino”

  1. You should have listened to Britt on where to pick for the jackpot lol… Britt did follow it down…. ummmm unlike Brian hahaha… that was funny 😄

  2. 19:17 I was all ready for you to say something like "#blamebritt" and then choose hers.. but no you had to be the gentleman and not make her embarrassed if you lost. So Brian since you DID ASK FOR IT "You're an idiot" 😁

  3. Hi Brian I like that slot machine with the jackpot bonus. I think is called Torii. It looks interesting. This is the first time I've seen bonus after bonus after bonus on the money bags machine.

  4. Loved chained bonuses like that….longevity bonus can just keep going. Tough luck on the other game, although I almost feel like you can follow the bonuses to their final spot. Maybe I’m just hopeful. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Red Silk? This game is 100 year old mud-sodden burlap! Run screaming away, far, far away if youhin ever see this game at a casino! (PS. Trust Britt!)

  6. Hey … The Red Silk bonus. I noticed (running video replays of the second bonus attempt) that the red lanterns that start up top … the values dont mix up as they swirl to the bottom screen area. They swirl kinda together, but each one keep the same value all the way down, which means if you carefully follow the 'jackpot' lantern, you can see where it lands. 2 out of 3 of the jackpots … I knew where they landed. They move kinda fast at the end, but you can just see it.

  7. If you picked the same spot all 3 times, you would have won 1 jackpot. That's why I don't switch. Unless you're a genius at picking, the odds are against you if you move. Of course, it might be predetermined

  8. Brit is not only the new Jackpot picking Queen, she's also gonna make a fortune from the 3-card Monty dealers in New York City

  9. Congrats on your bonuses on the bag game and I definitely didn't like the last game. Hope all of u had a wonderful xmas. Love u guys🥰❤🥰

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