Bonus Hunt!! HUGE number of bonuses!!!

Revel in this bonus hunt with load of slots! Particular announcement about some new movies firstly!

22 Replies to “Bonus Hunt!! HUGE number of bonuses!!!”

  1. love yours vids but you always end a session down these gambling sites are getting tighter and tighter its gettig that bad it feels like breaking even is even a win lol

  2. Had me in stitches that last bit " he needs to pull something out here " sneaky ginger hold my beer pulls out some cheese 🤣🤣 the sneaky little ginger ha ha

  3. The house always wins only applies if you keep going to the same house over and over. Do yourself a favor and mix up the casinos you play on instead of feeding everything to the same place it's painful to watch can't imagine what it feels like actually going through it.

  4. I know it didn't work out for you today, but I think taking the 12 or 14 spins on Millionaire is sometimes the best strategy. Too many people get sucked into targeting the elusive 20+ spins

  5. Love your videos mate, keep up the good work 🙂 a good example of the highs and lows of gambling and the variation of how good it can be one day then absolutely gash the next. Thumbs up from me

  6. Serious question !! How comes everyday you do bonus hunt and hardly ever Gabriel does one ???? Just curious like many others I’m sure! I actually like you Dave just wondering ????

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