Blank, Inexperienced, & Unseen: How Singapore sanitized playing

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The largest inspiration for this video was once the good ebook “Las Vegas in Singapore: Violence, Growth and the Disaster of Nationalist Modernity” by means of LEE Kah-Wee 李家苇. If this video was once fascinating to you, it is going into much more element.


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This features a paid sponsorship which had no phase within the writing, modifying, or manufacturing of the remainder of the video.

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36 Replies to “Blank, Inexperienced, & Unseen: How Singapore sanitized playing”

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  2. Singapore smart about casino, while it's neighbor countries dumbass.

    Especially Indonesia that banned gambling.

    Now Indonesian rich people gambling in there, and singapore happily suck those rich money.

    Stupid decision 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  3. Does it matter if Singapore is a democratic authoritarian state? I mean, as a singaporean I don’t see what’s wrong? We have examples of both ends of the spectrum: USA as complete freedom and old dictatorships and nazi Germany and Soviet Union as complete totalitarian. See my point? If a system works, it works. Would you be shocked if I said China is capitalist? Their economy is capitalist but they call themselves communist. Funny right? U.S.A. on the other hand is kinda stupid if I’m being honest. Freedom with no responsibility is kinda dumb. If you want complete freedom, at least teach your people to be responsible and smart right? At the end of the day, the citizens of the country are the ones to judge whether a system works. We don’t need foreigners to judge for us.
    I’m aware I’m being quite passive aggressive but I’m quite tired to people outside judging
    People who’ve lived here I don’t mind since you would be perfectly aware of what it’s like here

  4. 5:24 cars seem to be driving backwards. but it's just the video used that's being played backwards to pan the shot of the building from the bottom up to go with the narration.

  5. During 12:17 when the video mentioned "you might spend hours shopping, etc etc" i though he is already going for that smooth promotion of skillshare / brilliant / honey

  6. I love how every religion clearly states no sex out of marriage, no smoking, drinking, being materialistic and so-on.
    But hey, thats all forgotten in modern world, but when gambling is concerned, THATS WERE WE DRAW A LINE.

  7. Drugs is a good business and there are many people doing drug business as well that doesn't mean counties should now start drug cartels. So to start a casino with the idea that the people would gamble anyway doesn't make it right for the government to start a casino. In fact Singapore should ban the casino and all online casinos

  8. Do I have the definition of sanitization wrong? Because I went the whole video wondering how they sanitized the slot machines, card tables, and everything else and only saw you talking about how they minimized the number of casinos and how visible they were.

  9. The public in Singapore never gets to have a single say ,decide or feedback.The PM just decide irregardless of debate and opposition.The stop at two was even worse when doctors proactively offer free?? state sponsored abortion for poor Chinese family even when pregnancy was in the advanced stages.

  10. Singapore is probably one of the biggest tourist destination in SEA because it's literally the only different place you can go in SEA economically (other than Bali), a ticket from Bangkok or Jakarta to Singapore is only $100-200 while a ticket to NY or London is $3000-4000 not to mention that it's waaay harder to get the visa for those countries. SEA is mostly the same culturally and geographically so it doesn't make sense to go to a neighboring country for a holiday (like imagine going to Canada for holiday) so unless you live in a mountain and you wanna go to a beach like Bali, Singapore is the only logical place to go.

  11. For overseas people who doesn't know.
    We can launch a few falcon 9 everyday from the daily revenues from our casino and lottery business.
    Just imagine.
    Our total population only slightly less than 6 million.

  12. Can we all take a moment to appreciate that there most expensive building in the world, as seen at 1:10, is a multinational science experiment dedicated to creating the technology needed for solving the world's energy crisis? Sometimes you've got to take the small victories.

  13. I've been a tourist to Singapore 7-8 times, I visited "Resorts World" casino once in Sentosa Island. And never knew Mariana bay has a casino until I saw this video.

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