BLACKJACK @ The PLAZA Hosted by means of SIN CITY NERDS | LAS VEGAS Throwback | 2020

(March 2020) This blackjack recreation used to be made conceivable by means of Sin Town Nerds with the Plaza’s approval after we all met up this previous March; days earlier than the Vegas shutdown. You’ll be able to catch the overall livestream right here: Please subscribe to their channel @
Sin Town Nerds will likely be heading again to Vegas July 1st – fifth! Click on their notification bell to be notified in their upcoming Vegas vlogs! Thank you for observing!

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22 Replies to “BLACKJACK @ The PLAZA Hosted by means of SIN CITY NERDS | LAS VEGAS Throwback | 2020”

  1. Yo! We will get to everyone's comment as soon as we're done settling in back at home. Thank you all for the support! 🤗 -2cent

  2. I'm coming to Vegas September 5th and staying til the 14th and the 1st thing that i'm going to do is go to the Plaza and look for this dealer and tell her how she stole my heart in a video. She is a dime and those tattoos fit her so well. And who cares how e1 is playing BJ. Basic strategy or not their having fun.

  3. I don’t think there’s really a difference between a two card or more than two card 16. The dealer is still going to maje a hand 17-21 about 82% of the time. So you might as well hit your 16, because by standing 16 against a face you’re only going to win approximately 18% of the time.

  4. So cool that the plaza let you record blackjack. I am going to check out the plaza on my next trip out…I’ve never made it past Binions or golden nugget…no golden gate,plaza, cal or main street station…. gonna check those all out on next trip…

  5. oh no! The return of the shirt color argument, lol. And I will say for the final time: The Force does not meddle in your Blackjack results, lol. I just realized this is from the other angle. I forgot I was never on camera during the livestream!

  6. What a cool group. Love to hang with you guys should the planets align just right. Between the dealer and the group, there is no ink left in Las Vegas for tattoos until the Fall. Thanks Nerds, Hog and 2cent for a great video!

  7. Anastas' satchel (?? I guess??) looks like Alan's baby pouch from the Hangover. But Hog thinks you're a handsome man, buddy so all good. (But maybe a goocher, too?) 😂😂 And Cin, your fascination with Britney is puzzling. Not the artist but the game. It never seems to pay out.
    I know you and 2cent did one of Blackjack play. I have to watch that. Pretty sure I get the hedging in the hopes the dealer busts. But there's clearly a lot more. That's cool how if you tip the dealer, it increases for her if you win. Very new to me.
    Very entertaining, ALL of you!!!

  8. Very cool to see this from another angle, the dealer reminds me of Jamie Pressly a little bit. Good timing, posting this right before your trip to Vegas…getting everyone "in the mood" dontcha know?! I would have loved to been at that table, BJ is my fave game and when you can play with friends, all the better! It's going to be good vlog season shortly, with all these summer trips coming up, have a blast and win big, you two!

  9. I laughed at how excited Hog got when the cards are being dealt and there are split and double opportunities for everyone 😂😂

  10. This is great, made me smile so much! 2cent- your card reel is insane! Do you put them in the machine like that? You need a strip reel, Fremont reel & off strip reel🤣😂

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