Blackjack Technique "Assured" to make you win $100

The Martingale Blackjack Technique “assured” to make you win $100 defined. Please see all of the video.

0:05 pointers
0:40 gameplay

On this video, we take a look at out the place you double your blackjack wager after each loss and take a look at out this Assured technique.



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27 Replies to “Blackjack Technique "Assured" to make you win $100”

  1. The only way to 100% win is card counting. Statistically, every 7 hrs you lose 8-9 hands in a row, which would eliminate your bankroll

  2. It’s possible run into a bad series of Martingale once you start your session. But, if your on vacation and your just trying to win that $100 with that system, it‘s worth doing. In the short term your VERY likely to win. Just make sure you leave the table right away!

  3. You for sure didn't play the game wright. Please learn to play the game before you advise on how to play . I like to watch you guys

  4. I want to learn how to play. is there a website for beginners that'll teach me the basics? maybe a game that'll give me tips as I play?

  5. the martingale strategy is not goog because little little profit but 3-4 hand lose big lose bet ; your rolling systems is better than this strategy

  6. 3200 next one , also unlucky , start 10 dolls make some money move on to 20 make some more money etc. dont rush 100 when u just started on table u dont know what is there yet

  7. Martengale system works till it doesn't work. I learned that its a bankroll killer. There are different kinds of Martengale systems out there. The Mirror Martengale or the Stearn Method. The Stearn Method is amazing on the Don't Pass in craps. The Mirror Martengale is great on roulette betting the Hattrick System. 🙂 Done well with those.

  8. …Your next move would be to gouge your eyes out and find out where Mr Martingale is buried dig him up and gouge out his eyes too!!!!!

  9. Fair enough! Really an ill advised system. Most table max bet limits don't let this go on too long, even if the pockets are deep enough! I've been enjoying watching the play here. Just returned from the Biloxi, MS gulf coast casinos myself, last week. A hurricane/tropical storm is pounding down there right now.

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