Used to be down to nearly not anything however went on a fantastic upswing on the El Cortez in Las Vegas! Revel in!!!

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41 Replies to “BLACKJACK SESSION! AMAZING COMEBACK!! Immediately Flush!! Episode 4”

  1. While I was watching this video during for initial 5 min Casio is cheating her every time she gets an Ace or 10 or face value cards(high value cards) she(dealer) is pulling those cards towards black plastic container which is holding chips then automatically count of cards are increased to more than 19 and ultimately they are winning..if u could see this video and every time she pulls card towards her then switching of cards takes place at great speed and in this video every she even fumbled twice while doing that…observe closely

  2. This is an honest question. Why do you count the tip you gave the dealer at the end as part of your profit? My parents do that also and I don’t understand. If i tip someone, I lost that money.

  3. Best part about this video, was the tip at the end. Living in a country where we don't get any tips, it's really cool to see you tip her that much. Probably made her night.

  4. I played that same system in El Cortez at a 2 deck and did well Luck of the cards. Hi from BC

  5. I love it that you got a straight flush, and then you split three 4’s and dealer went bust..from there on you grabbed a flush a blackjack set you up..nice work..also like when you double your bet when you get a 6 and 5nice a most times a winner.👍

  6. @slotlady a lot of fun to watch … how do you get to record in the casino? is it pre-arranged with them? I was just there and at Golden Nugget, they were super strict with cameras and recordings…

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