Blackjack Mulligan 1942-2016

Robert Jack Windham (born November 26, 1942 ), higher recognized by means of his ring identify Blackjack Mulligan is a former skilled wrestler, creator and previous American soccer participant. He’s the daddy of wrestlers Barry and Kendall Windham, spouse’s father of Mike Rotunda, and the grandfather of Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas.

Blackjack was once a wrestling celebrity in every single place the arena from the rings of WWE, AWA, Jim Crockett Promotions, to Championship Wrestling from Florida. Blackjack Mulligan was once aside of the mythical tag workforce the Blackjacks with spouse Blackjack Lanza and supervisor Bobby Heenan. Referred to as probably the most charismatic and absolute best promos in all of wrestling Blackjack would pull you to the display screen together with his interviews.

Corridor of Famer, Legend, Father Blackjack Mulligan is a wrestling icon and would possibly he leisure in peace.

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  1. Glad we glt his grandchildren in the wwe bray Wyatt who is great on the Mic and a great fighter and bo dallas on the other hand. Vince need to put these two brother together bray and bo needs to work together have bo on some of the firefly fun house show wwe. #wwe

  2. Blackjack Mulligan was probably one of the best big men ever to lace up a pair of boots. He's one of only a few men that stood toe to toe with the late great Bruiser Brody, and lived to tell the tale. Rest in peace, Jack, and tell Brody hello for us.

  3. his battles with dick Murdoch were legendary. And I also remember being invited to a wrestling match in which Blackjack Mulligan the Road Warriors versus Kevin Sullivan and his crew it was so electric that nobody wanted to leave the arena when the match was over yes sir it was that good.

  4. The best part of his life is when Jesus came into his life and cleansed his sins away, Thanks for the testimony to the world we needed that for our own souls. Gods mercies are new every morning

  5. I remember the Blackjacks as a child in the Dallas Fort Worth area during the 1970's battling Fritz Von Erich in Claw vs Claw matches when wrestling in my opinion was much better than what we have today # bring back the territories

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