1. Last time i did the same mistake! You should've cashed out and stopped playing for a while hope you dont do something bad to yourself i just went broke after my last loss! Its was a painful 10k to lose just like that.

  2. on the 1500 croupier table there was 3 player 9. she signaled for camera change so she didn't change 3 player 9 croupier on camera showed 9 crupier 3 player shame theft in hard face

  3. first on the last card they signal with their finger plus 5. face the game and manipulated. there's a guy behind the camera handling the letters. I saw and heard on the phone the guy talking to him. see his finger saying which card. another I saw a more moderate exchange of the opponent's card with hers she was embarrassed .. n

  4. Bro that's a huge loss I can relate to that because it happens with me also I lost nearly 14 thousand dollars like this, better play dream catcher for some recovery start with 10 dollars bet on 1x number only and double only if you loss and do this for 3 rounds if 1x not coming leave and play baccarat or blackjack start with 100 dollars and if you loss then 200 dollars and if you loss that one also don't double just go back to dream catcher and start with 20 dollars for 1 hour to recover your losses it was very rare you always loss and if you play like this for a 10 hours you make 5 thousand dollars for sure i bet

  5. happy birthday man, but that was painful to watch ): I hope you still enjoyed your birthday even though that mustve put you in a very bad mood

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