Blackjack EPIC Successful Run! How Many $1000s Can I Money Out?

Went in this epic run on Blackjack at The El Cortez On line casino in Las Vegas! Revel in!!

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47 Replies to “Blackjack EPIC Successful Run! How Many $1000s Can I Money Out?”

  1. Could you please explain the meanings of side bets? I cannot find anywhere on the Internet🙃
    Anyway, very nice video😜

  2. i think this is fake, normally the dealer isnt allowed to carry anything in his wrist like whatches and that kind of stuff. And seems to be very unexperienced too.

  3. I'm not blackjack expert but I dont think playing 1 hand or playing side bet everytime is a winning way. Betting $25 and $5$5 side means only winning $15 IF winning the hand, most hands

  4. at 30:45 the dealer makes 17 because she has a 3 then an A and another 3, which is worth 17 is continued to be drawn to have 20 is won your double while you are supposed to win !!!

  5. Thank you for this video. Can I ask how much chip money do you start with? And, I am a beginner and never do side bets. Have you ever worked out and the end of the day, if side bets usually work out in your favour? Thank you

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