Whats crackalackin youtube! These days I attempt to get some other 100 so we will proceed our 2000 greenback problem! These days was once a bit of tough… however a number of gameplay! Shall we gooo

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9 Replies to “Blackjack – DEALER ALWAYS HITS A BLACKJACK?!?!”

  1. Try playing aggresive with a 25$ minimum table 1 or 2 hand against the dealer I buy in minimum 200$ and I'm up 14k only lost 1 deposit but I'm up I guess I'm lucky lol I play alot at work today I deposited 200 and withdraw 1875 I'm from canada to I hope u make more BJ videos

  2. I love your hat you look like law enforcement those undercover cops in Canada.
    "Get your hands behind your back".
    But you enforce BlackJack in this video.

  3. Very nice entertainment it was feel like I was play by myself lol but was feel bad for you when you had not double your loses. It would all end better iff you had do it, you would be in the profit. But glad you have not lose your full bankroll. Very nice video's man thank you I have enjoy every second actualy. Thank you I gonna watch more of your video's and folow you here to see them all I gonna spend my full day on it I have still not see the chanel but I hope on a bunch of video's I hope this is not the only video haha. Wish you many blackjacks

  4. Love your vid's men! Maybe do a daily blackjack video with structure! And fast live steam days ? I will be there then! Keep up man!

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