BlackJack – Caitlin De Ville (Electrical Violin Authentic)

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Caitlin De Ville – Electrical Violinist

Composed via Vaughan & Caitlin De Ville

Filmed via
Vaughan De Ville
Tim Wecke |
Edited via Caitlin

Vaughan De Ville (Manufacturing, Recording, Blending, Mastering)

Mastered via db Mastering

48 Replies to “BlackJack – Caitlin De Ville (Electrical Violin Authentic)”

  1. Cada ves q te veo mas me apasiono x ty eres increible demasiado hermosa daria todo x q fueras mi novia pero estoy x los suelo sin nada y sin futuro pero igual jamas va a camviar lo q siento x ty

  2. Ciao CaitlitaDe Vile sono Giuseppe un tuo amiratore ascolto sempre la tua musica sunoata col violino emettono che fa rilasare ti mando tanti saluti dal Italia i love mille grazies ok

  3. Катлин как всегда самозабвенно от души исполняет музыку – супер! Спасибо.

  4. Музика. Та. Супер Перфек Разказва. За. Това. Трябва. Да. Разбират. Но. Нея. Разбират.

  5. Ahh Caitlin, what can i say. It is a masterpiece as are all your originals and covers. The most beautiful music from the most beautiful lady. This is so true and too i do love you so, with all that is me, in me and of me. yours truly, michael. Please consider sharing this remarkable performer and Rock-Star extraordinaire if you enjoy. Thank you for sharing and thank you for watching and thank you so much Caitlin. Truly amazing and i love it!

  6. Играет великолепно ,а вот обнажается напрасно, … С таким талантом — это лишнее!!!!!!!

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