44 Replies to “Blackjack – BIGGEST WIN SERIES… Phase 3”

  1. I am much better than you when it's about blackjack however I keep increasing my bets when I am on losing streak and I like how you manage your bankroll and bets you increase your bets when you win.

  2. Hey Maddy..
    I have been watching ur vidoes lately…they r awesome..

    But I was wondering why u never buy insurance.. u lost many hands for not buying insurance when it was a blackjack..there were plenty of hands u lost..yet u didn't buy insurance..

    Why so..??

    I watched in a video u said there was less probability of winning insurance…but as long as i observed u there was hell lot of chance to win..

    Can u tell me why u never bought insurance.??


  3. Helo i realy understand the rules yet. Watch on the video Time 3:46 /12:38 you got 2x King and the Dealer got 2x Ase so Dealer take 3rth card 5 and thats make 17.. is 17 not finishing the Game?Or is the rules on Blackjack tables not same in Casinos?

  4. Ok so! This is not normal at 3.40 the dealer hit 17 and continue hitting and gets 4 and it goes 21? And they both say it’s ok???? Something is wrong with u guys 🙂

  5. I realy like to see you playing like a Pro !!!

    Never Give Up ! Play Hard ! Win Huuuge!
    BigUp to YoU !!!
    And .. Never Split 10's !!!

  6. nice gameplay man I really love watchin your videos. Congrats for wining big 😉 And also can u say ' Her şey çok güzel oldu' for me ?

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