Blackjack! $1500 Purchase In! What An Superior Comeback! Episode 36

Performed Blackjack on the El Cortez on line casino Las Vegas! Revel in!!!


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26 Replies to “Blackjack! $1500 Purchase In! What An Superior Comeback! Episode 36”

  1. ❤️ Another great comeback Sarah!! I swear you seem to have magic working at times!! Thanks for another great session!! ❤️

  2. Does this dealer go to MIT or something she did the quickest math iv ever seen lol. Like you were still counting on most of them and she had already decided you were not hitting and she was ready to pull cards lol. She wasn't wrong either its just funny to see dealers like this.

  3. I don't understand why people always hit on 16 when a dealer showing a 10 i know it's a high card but still there's a 70% chance he will bust

  4. Enjoy your videos. I’ve got so much to learn. Just started watching
    Do you always get a table to yourself? I don’t have enough confidence to go onto a table, as what I do or don’t do can have a bad outcome for the person to my left

  5. That's just my opinion… I think you should just say what the game is in your titles but not give away what's going to happen so we as viewers can anticipate with you even if it's recorded earlier

  6. Hey I think you're beautiful and awesome and I enjoy all your videos but the reason I have not given a super chat or joined your patrion is because you give away what's going to happen in your title… there's no mystery or anticipation

  7. The only sentence that constantly brings meaning and positivity to 2020:

    "Alright, guys, today I'm going to be playing double deck blackjack at the El Cortez, and I'm buying in for $1500 — so let's just go ahead and get started!"

  8. Luck has arrived for you…enjoy, small win better than nothing, this is probably a real play at the casino look how fast is the dealer, watch how the dealer gets pre-arranged cards..

  9. 4:50 I dont like that dealer, like trying to be so fast.. it is annoying, gives me anxiety LOL, I had to get that out of my system, Awesome video Sarah!!

  10. I wish I could find it again but I list track, but thought I saw a 9-8-A in the dealer’s hand. No combination of any two would mean the dealer hit would it? Maybe I’m imagining it…if anyone with a better eye than I have saw it, chime in. I was distracted at the moment.
    To not sound creepy, I’m gay, but do you have a preferred brand of blouses? Your blouses are always elegant but still casual enough to not look overdressed…thinking of a giftfor a sister.

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