Blackjack 100ok + or – Huge Win Collection Phase 4

After which it took place &%$^*$%^ – Blackjack – Huge Win Collection Phase 4 – NeverSplit10s

Pointers and Technique 3:51



The meant objective of this video is to offer training and leisure on quite a lot of desk video games together with however no longer restricted to blackjack, poker, Texas stacks holdem, roulette, stacks holdem, 4 card stacks holdem, Optimistically you experience and practice alongside in this adventure.

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46 Replies to “Blackjack 100ok + or – Huge Win Collection Phase 4”

  1. I'm not trolling at the videos. But I have a sincere question. Do you only show winning sessions bc I'm kinda new and have only watched about 12 episodes,but iv never seen you loose. So my question is do u only show winning sessions and if so how many out of let's say 10 to u loose

  2. You are a degenerate addict. When you can not walk away when your 100k up. This way you will wind up losing everything…..

  3. Iin 1987 I were to Vegas I play blackjack won $58,000 after that I never play again because I knew that you will never win again. I watched you play blackjack every day some time you win a lots some time you losses a lots. I recommend you should stop whenever you win a lots otherwise you will be homeless one day. You are good man good play but gamble will never succeed

  4. Around 7:30 you had $150,000 in chips…. from a $300 buy-in….. at the end of the session you lost your $300… when at one point you could have walked away with the equivalent of 1-5 years salary. Utter madness mate.

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