Black Ops 4: Blackjack’s Mysterious Backstory

On this video we have a look at Name of Accountability Black Ops Four Specialist Characters. Particularly, Blackjack. On this video we revel Blackjack’s True Tale. Hope you Experience!

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  1. The theory that bo3 is a simulation will make my claim make sense so if u dont know about this theory then go hear about it. Since we know bo4 takes place before bo3 and the pot hole with blackjacks name isn’t filled maybe it’s because the simulation that bo3 is could just be them replaying past experiences like how everything lines up. But questions could also debunk this by asking if they were having a sorta flashback or look-over on past events then idk why recon would soon be a female. Maybe his daughter or something idk but thats just a theory i came up in like 5 mins.

  2. bruhh I literally live in my state,Johor Malaysia…Im so close to Singapore and the fact that my country didnt help is kinda bullshit…my country always help espacially for the closest/former state of my country

  3. Gotta love when you comment about how the 54 I and firebreak are both in Singapore then you unpause the video and he says exactly that 😂

  4. Could tryarch have predicted the corona virus on accident it may be a hole different year in the game but just think about it

  5. blackjack is not in the 54 mortals due to that robotic arm being the synth from the reaper. My best-educated guess is that he altered himself just like Prophet but not nearly to the same extent to be more effective as a mercenary, which also supports also having every specialist's weapon. I think he purposefully collected every specialist weapon and the arm (likey through actual surgery) due to these being the most advanced weapons at that futuristic time period. is short—> he collected the best tech/weapons around because he's really good at his job.

  6. Blackjack could be Danny’s dad as in bo4 he’s bulky and a has scars and taller and in bo3 he’s skinny shorter and no scars

  7. I wish blackjack was in bo4 mp so I can kill them so many times. I hate that son of a beeeatch and his stupid one liners when I’m opening reserves.

  8. seraph cut her arm off so she could handle the recoil of the annihilator. If she didn't have the arm, if she shot one round it would break her arm

    And the robot arm for blackjack is so he could have a similar minigun arm that reaper has

  9. Apparently it was stated that Danny Li is blacjack. After the whole attack by the WA drones in the black ops 3 mission in singapore Danny used a rejack to revive himself and left the 54I guys

  10. Hey I would say that all the characters in bo4 are likely dead and are revived in bo3 and to back that up. In bo3 glitch's ability to hack the simulation and go back think about that

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