Biggest Blackjack Run Section 3 + $40,000 – Blackjack Technique

Wonderful blackjack consultation. Welcome to every other fundamental Blackjack technique consultation of by no means break up 10’s. Please remark beneath. Tell us how we’re doing. We invite you to subscribe and sign up for the Neighborhood. #blackjack #blackjackstrategy #on line casino

1:17 Blackjack Recreation Play
3:47 Splitting 4’s Blackjack Cut up Technique
6:37 Double Down Technique.
8:29 Thanks to our participants

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30 Replies to “Biggest Blackjack Run Section 3 + $40,000 – Blackjack Technique”

  1. He literally looks like an ogre on top of already his already churlish demeanor and appearing as if he always has some sort of ulterior motive for talking to you

  2. Damn this channel is improving in leaps and bounds. Like the fact that your inset in the video and you can explain things. Sick! Let's Go!

  3. This was a great video. I suggest you make a video where you get a lot of tokens and you wager everything in the final round. I've done it before and although it's quite risky, it's pretty awesome.

  4. The strategy card you're selling is for the S17 game. You are playing H17 .. 75% of US casinos are H17.

    Notable changes…

    11 double vs a A.
    A,7 double vs a 2.
    A,8 double vs a 6.

  5. Love the content and have been a fan for a while. Just wanna say that im not the biggest fan of your background commentary. Feels almost unnatural.

  6. Honestly speaking I came here for entertainment but with that I learned so much about this game. Like the way you run things. Can't wait for more.

  7. Hello Sir. You Are My Biggest Favourite Streaming Blackjack. Every Minute Of Your Video, I Had To Know More Lesson. Keep It Up Sir. God Bless.

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