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  1. I sincerely hope that one day that evil place that robs everyone burns to the ground. They can tell you what they want but i know for a pure fact they control those machines. That's when i ask myself the question, why play then if they hold your winnings in there hands.What are they gonna admit it!!!! Hell no. Luck has nothing to do with it at all. I've played here for over 8 years and probably lost over 40 thousand in that time like a complete dumb shit and i'm DONE!!! Just walk around and look at these people that are all fucking cripple looking or toothless people. You think they are winners?? Just feeding off their addiction. I really would love to figure out a way to start something and get them shut down, it would be so awesome. The pattern is always the same, every time i come here i'm so happy and every time except maybe 3 times i am beyond pissed and most of the time leaving here swearing and making a scene. It really brings out the worst in me. Hey what a better place to have all these casinos in a more corrupt state. I lost today for the last time and i'm so glad to finally be done. If i seriously get the urge for whatever sick crazy reason to play again then i'm calling the Help Line, which yes i should have done long ago. But now i'm ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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