Main and I determined to go browsing and play the slots since we did so improbable remaining time… expectantly, there would possibly not be any Sans mains to crash a 1v1 this time, proper?

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  1. I dont get y no one talks about this, but in doubles, if its their friend, than u dont know what gsp the other player is at because they are playing on the first ones switch. An example would be lui1 and lui2 mario (lui2) has only 23000 gsp but thats lui1s mario gsp not lui2s meaning that lui2 might have elite but you would never know

  2. Here’s the thing about FFA Ganon. He hits hard, and he’s heavy. When people aren’t constantly attacking you, these are very good things. You see a smash attack? Dorya them to the next world.

  3. 15:19 i was at my friend ___’s house after school. It was our first time playing an online duos match. That’s why it said 0% win rate. I suck at cloud even though he’s my second main. My friend ___ tried you play DDD online once and was three stocked 8 times in a row. That’s why his gsp was lower than mine. I have proof Alpharad, you coward. The little Mac was spamming neutral b and was admiring through moves, and Ike was spamming side b like heck. Anyways, thank you Alpharad.

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