Batman’s Joker Battle tournament: five tactics it modified the DC comedian universe

This week, after days of diplomatic paintings, delegates from world wide put the overall touches on an expansive treaty to position an finish to the Joker Battle, DC’s large summer season crossover within the Batman books.

Simply kidding, Batman and the Joker punched and kicked and stabbed each and every different so much.

Within the outsized factor Batman #100, Batman continued over the Joker in a metaphorical struggle for Gotham’s soul. However what did it value him? And what does it imply for the way forward for Gotham, and DC’s Gotham Town books?

Let’s check out what went down, and the way issues modified for Batman someday.

Catwoman stole all of Batman’s cash, once more

“Mrrrow,” Catwoman says to herself, while standing above the fray on a ledge, “Come on, now, love.” in Batman #100, DC Comics (2020).

Symbol: James Tynion IV, Jorge Jimenez/DC Comics

You’ll have heard that a part of the Joker’s large plan used to be to scouse borrow all of Bruce Wayne’s cash. That’s proper, he’s identified for years that Bruce Wayne and Batman are the similar individual, however he simply didn’t really feel like performing on it till now.

Neatly, the Joker had fun dressing up in bat costumes, and his goons unquestionably liked get right of entry to to all of Wayne Enterprises’ bat-themed era. However now it’s everywhere.

No longer handiest has the Joker been defeated and his goons captured, Catwoman — these days in a dedicated dating with Batman — stole all of it again and gave it to the relations of Lucius Fox, CEO of Wayne Enterprises, who appear to have made up our minds to stay the kind of $20 billion and use it for just right. We’ll see what comes of that during long run problems with Batman.

Punchline, Clownhunter; nonetheless round

“I’m the punchline,” snarls Punchline. In her full costume she wears a ripped purple shirt and tights, along with a black jumper, gloves, and pink and red clown makeup, in The Joker 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular, DC Comics (2020).

Symbol: James Tynion IV, Mikel Janín/DC Comics

The breakout personality of Tynion’s run on Batman to this point has undoubtedly been Punchline, the Joker’s new 2d in command and a kind of polar reverse of the fashionable Harley Quinn. A campus troll became goth clown supervillain, Punchline used to be captured along the remainder of the Joker’s forces, however the ultimate moments of Batman #100 we see her the use of a video cope with to distance herself from any culpability in her more than a few murders, tortures, and makes an attempt to flee justice.

We all know that Punchline’s trial goes to be an tournament of be aware in upcoming Batman problems, so she’s now not going away any time quickly.

Batman #100 additionally printed the identification and starting place of Clownhunter, a dangerous vigilante who preys on Joker henchmen. Teenage orphan Bao Pham particularly blames Batman for now not fighting the Joker from killing his oldsters, and in most cases for failing to forestall chaos in Gotham whilst making its voters complacent sufficient to depend on him.

Batman can’t carry Bao in, for the reason that paintings he’s executed to give protection to the great other folks of his group signifies that none of them will corroborate his violence. He attempted to persuade Bao to get some remedy and forestall killing other folks, however the child doesn’t appear to have taken it very significantly.

As a part of the Joker’s conflict, he inspired reasonable voters of Gotham to position on joker mask and make the most of the chaos for their very own ends. Clownhunter identified that within the aftermath the ones other folks have merely taken off their mask and disappeared into Gotham’s basic inhabitants, unpunished. He’s now not a large fan of that, and intends to hunt them out on a one-kid revenge project.

There’s a brand new villain, Ghost-Maker

“The truce is over,” says Ghost-Maker, clad in his grey armor, white robes robes, and shiny helmet, “It’s time for Gotham to meet the Ghost-Maker!” in Batman #100, DC Comics (2020).

Symbol: James Tynion IV, Jorge Jimenez/DC Comics

Legit previews have already teased the brand new villain Ghost-Maker, a rival Bruce Wayne met when he used to be touring all over the world and coaching to transform Batman. However we were given our first have a look at him on the finish of Batman #100, and he certain is glossy.

Batman made up our minds to let the Joker die

Batman, with a cracked open mask, and the Joker, missing an eye, stare each other down. Then Batman walks away as the Joker protests, “Where are you going? Batman. Come back here. Don’t just walk away form me!” in Batman #100, DC Comics (2020).

Symbol: James Tynion IV, Jorge Jimenez/DC Comics

And Joker is aware of he did. And Batman is aware of Joker is aware of. And Joker is aware of Batman is aware of Joker is aware of — I’ll prevent. On the climax of Batman #300, Harley Quinn (who’s, to be truthful, the queen of in the end finishing your dating with the Joker) made up our minds that she used to be going to take a look at to drive Batman in the end prevent his unending competition. She strapped bombs to each herself and the Joker and ran, pulling the previous “you’ll’t save either one of us on the identical time” puzzle.

After a little of attention, Batman selected her, leaving the Joker to die within the explosion. He didn’t even take a look at to avoid wasting them each. And certain, Joker nonetheless controlled to flee, however now he is aware of that one thing has modified between the 2 nemeses.

Additionally, the Joker nonetheless is aware of that Batman is Bruce Wayne, in addition to the name of the game identities of the entire contributors of the bat-family. There used to be no comics-style thoughts wipe on the finish of Joker Battle. So it’ll unquestionably be attention-grabbing to look how lengthy that wrinkle lasts.

Little adjustments for a large rewind

Batgirl, sans her mask, sits down at a computer console in her clocktower hideout, and puts on her glasses. “Okay,” she says, “It’s time to let everyone know that Oracle is back online,” in Batman #100, DC Comics (2020).

Symbol: James Tynion IV, Jorge Jimenez/DC Comics

It’s no secret that James Tynion is partial to the model of the Gotham Town of the 1990s and early ’00s. It’s a Batman technology that, amongst different issues, used to be classified by means of a big and interconnected forged, which contained quite a lot of central feminine characters that used to be slightly forward of its time.

Many sides of that technology wound up at the slicing room ground all through 2011’s New 52 reboot, and it wouldn’t be off the mark to mention that Tynion has spent his profession within the Bat-books slowly massaging the ones main points again in. Joker Battle continues that development, in a time when most of the books in DC’s Gotham umbrella that don’t characteristic Batman as a primary personality are in a state of flux.

Batwoman hasn’t had a solo collection since 2018. Batgirl, in addition to Batman and the Outsiders, a crew e-book that includes Cassandra Cain/Orphan and Duke Thomas/Sign, are each coming to an finish this month. Younger Justice, some other crew e-book that includes Spoiler and previous Robin Tim Drake, and Youngster Titans, that includes present Robin Damian Wayne, will shut up store in November.

Joker Battle didn’t precisely set all all of those characters at the board for recent strikes, however it did make some tweaks. Cassandra Cain and Spoiler each were given gown adjustments that carry them nearer to the batfamily. After what appears like eons of calling himself “Ric Grayson,” Nightwing in the end were given his reminiscence again and is dressed in his blue go well with once more. And in Batman #100 itself, Barbara Gordon sat out the preventing as a way to coordinate the remainder of Batman’s allies as her Publish-Disaster identification of Oracle, global’s biggest hacker.

To look how lengthy the ones adjustments stick, and the way neatly they play out via upcoming Batman books, readers should keep tuned.

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