AyBe – Sand On line casino (Prod. Lytton Scott) (OSRS Rap)

OSRS RAP ❌ 🧢 ▻ Wrote through: AyBe ▻ Engineered through: AyBe ▻ Produced through: Lytton Scott ▻ Video through: RapStatsMedia ☆ To be had on all platforms to shop for …

21 Replies to “AyBe – Sand On line casino (Prod. Lytton Scott) (OSRS Rap)”

  1. not sure how you feel about him but i'm not lying when i say that i had to look if KempQ hired slowthai for a second LOL great track

  2. Subbed liked and this is definitely being put into my mixes. Got such a professional feel to this banger. Respect from Wales my brother.

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