Attempting Some New Sidebets! Blackjack $1500 Purchase In! Episode 45

Enjoying Blackjack at The Resort On line casino Deadwood South Dakota! Revel in!!! Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Sign up for my channel club: …

28 Replies to “Attempting Some New Sidebets! Blackjack $1500 Purchase In! Episode 45”

  1. That was brutal Sarah, can you play a video blackjack session one time? See how you fare there! Projected dealer kind or video will be fine. Thanks

  2. Nice videos, I don't think you need the music in the background. Maybe take a poll…? I know I watch cause I'm not able to play but one every six months and like the casino experience in your videos. Keep up the great channel!

  3. do you have to quarantine in Nevada and South Dakota? Making a trip soon to Nevada, not sure if Canadian needs to quarantine for 14 days.

  4. wow I have only ever watched you with a mask on, I knew you were beautiful from your eyes but I didn't know you were insanely beautiful x

  5. Just was gambling and got cleaned for 1k. Got enough action, but it didn't pan out in my favor. Dems the works! Love the content!

  6. 2:53 I've seen you hit soft 18 before. Wondered why you didn't hit there. Personally, I always stay on soft 18 even against a face. Dunno if that's by the book or not.

  7. Dunno what the Trilux is for, but when she said you had to play both of them I thought, that's unusual for the house to make you play something, Seems like a bad deal. That's $20 side bets every hand.

  8. I love your infinity necklace. Is that from Tiffanys? I played BJ last night at my local. I started with 1k. Lost in 40 minutes. Betting $50-75 a hand, Every double I lost. Sometimes I hate this game.

  9. You lost over $400 on side bets with the small wins taken into account. Almost 30% of your starting bankroll. Steer clear!

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