ASMR | Conversations with a Blackjack Broker

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25 Replies to “ASMR | Conversations with a Blackjack Broker”

  1. I’m claiming my 4k sub card before you blow up dude lol. This is such a good video. Can’t believe it’s under 1k views. Keep it man.

  2. You know, I’ve never found a guy asmrtist that I really liked before Jeremiah. He’s so underrated but I love him so much ❤️

  3. These gambling videos have always been my favorite, and the back and forth part you focused on here is exactly what I like about them. I hope future videos will be similar to this one, as this was very nice.

  4. The one I've been waiting fo, Mr J's voice is so soothing ",. Kids,,, husband,,, all shush now, Jeremiah is whispering me into slumber,"( dreaming of a little ching ching spending dosh in my purse as I skip down the high street after beating all your bottoms at 21 with my new found knowledge from master J! ) Awesome video thank you sir, after my shoe shopping I could do with a haircut though? Is there a haircut / salon roleplay on the horizon, fingers crossed ! Awesome vid

  5. Nicely done. You got me interested in hazard 🙂 But the background sounds are so annoying, repeating and random. It would be great if you would make a video without them, so the sounds correspond to the image.

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