Asmongold Brings Playing To WoW: Loss of life Roll Match – five Million Gold Prize

Asmongold hosts a brand spanking new “Lengthy Boi” demise rolling tournament in WoW, a five Million gold prize similar to $1000: 20 contestants and only one winner…

The video that began all of it [UberDanger |AZEROTH ON FIRE | World of Warcraft Classic (1-60)]:

Loss of life Roll Match 0:00
Sperglord Beginning Tale 35:25

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32 Replies to “Asmongold Brings Playing To WoW: Loss of life Roll Match – five Million Gold Prize”

  1. Just played death roll for first time, started with 5k, ran it up to 60k, then this guy keeps temping me to put my whole stack on the line, and I fucxking deleted my whole bank accounnt lmao, good timers

  2. Asmon: "this twitter scam is literally so old its from runescape, who would fall for this"

    Also Asmon: "give me 250k and maybe I'll give you more back"

  3. Who was the dipshit from chat? I'm 48 and I've played wow for 10 years old you little fucking twit, I know 60 year olds who play wow. Worry that your miserable existence is predicated on living in a mansion and not having fun when you're older, you little bastard.

  4. LOL at the guy who gave asmon a load of crap for hosting a Lottery…. where someone could win money. for playing 19 man bingo 😀

  5. I would've taken the gold. Never would've had to worry about it again. In the context however, going for the mount makes better content.

  6. Dude your a genius there should be an event like this where you can gamble your gold in game for x amount of gold for chances of winning

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