Are we having FUN but?… | Enjoying Slots & Roulette in Demo or 'Amusing' Mode | Playing Habit VLOG

My opinion on taking part in on line casino video games and not using a financial possibility or praise. Can taking part in slots in demo mode lend a hand a playing restoration. Why are not pc video games …

12 Replies to “Are we having FUN but?… | Enjoying Slots & Roulette in Demo or 'Amusing' Mode | Playing Habit VLOG”

  1. Interesting you mention online games being more fun than gambling games and slots.

    Recently I've found that playing real games takes my mind off gambling, and may almost be acting as some sort of replacement in a way,

  2. I find horse racing/greyhound racing boring now that I don’t gamble. Even more so now they’re behind closed doors.

  3. Nothing fun about fun mode. Only reason it exists is to tempt people to play for real money.
    Never understood these fun casinos at weddings or parties either. The excitement is the anticipation of winning or losing money. Maybe people without gambling problems though view it differently and we've just messed our brains up from gambling that we can't enjoy normal stuff anymore.

  4. Demo mode is rigged. When you play demo mode you will always hit bonus and base wins. It's all part of the lure to play for real. Its no different to streamers. Most streamers deliberately have the RTP increased to allow them to show 'big wins' and 'bonus features'
    If I did a non affiliate stream, I'd be broke in a couple of days, and you would witness slot play which would barely bonus. It wouldn't be great viewing!

  5. I never enjoyed it, I didn't pretend I enjoyed it, I felt stressed every moment of it. I honestly believe that's what I am addicted to, and what a lot of people are unknowingly addicted to. Pressure and struggle are how we evolved, they are ingrained into our psyche, in to our behavioural genetics.

  6. thanks for the video Phil! helps me slow down and think when i get the urge to gamble.! cheers and all the best to you! thanks again

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