Are the French Turning the European Arrest Warrant into a Political Tool?

With a European pinch warranty issued by a French estimate, Fondler Nylander on the guardianship of money laundering and cybercrime, honcho administrator of Unibet was detained on this Monday at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airdrome.

The collar followed the commercial-grade ailment made by Française des Jeux track the drawing, and PMU, the home horseracing card. In conformity with it, Unibet is claimed to sustain breached their monopoly rights to cyberspace play in France.

As for the French governance, they smell chagrined by the collar and they let arranged the showcase against Unibet’s administrator to be dropped kill. Furthermore, the causa has been criticized by Unibet, the European Direction and Swedish politicians. In their notion, all Unibet’s operations were effectual nether EU law.

Unibet is request for the prompt liberation of its gaffer administrator.

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