Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Resort & On line casino (Professional Audio)

Arctic Monkeys – “Tranquility Base Resort & On line casino”, taken from the brand new album of the similar identify, to be had now globally. Purchase & concentrate: …

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  1. I’ll be the first to admit I was stubborn when I first heard this album but it’s such a work of art, so metaphorical, even from the first line ‘Jesus in the day spa, filling out the information form’ saying how these modern ‘Instagram’ influencers think they are as influential as figure such as Jesus but on their day to day just criticise and review certain places for the masses. Follows up with ‘mama got her hair done, just popping out to sing a protest song’ a prime example of this is the girl who got dressed up to get a photo for social media in the black lives matter protest. This album is about our society and how fucked up it is, such depth to these lyrics, as catchy and amazing their previous albums have been this one is next level

  2. This song hits different when you’re on a long drive back home from a hike or from the beach or something in the burning sun

  3. ''Good afternoon
    Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino
    Mark speaking
    Please, tell me, how may I direct your call?'' is my voicemail hahahahahaha

  4. Temazo, buen álbum, toda música para tener sexo vale la pena comprar, el disco anterior y este suenan increíble, un porro, vinito y ella, 8 p.m., chau.

  5. i remember singing the first line but said joking : jesus in the gays bar, and my religion teacher was like : wHat diD yoU JuSt SaiD??

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