AnkhBot Instructional – Even Extra Playing Instructions! (with !roulette and !minimize)

Did not get your playing repair with my first playing instructional? Neatly, right here will have to be an instructional to finish your entire playing command wishes, with a roulette and a deck chopping command to be had at your viewer’s fingertips!

Earlier playing video:

Playlist of different AnkhBot tutorials:

!minimize –
!roulettezero –
!rouletteodd –
!rouletteeven –
!rouletteblack –
!roulettered –

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10 Replies to “AnkhBot Instructional – Even Extra Playing Instructions! (with !roulette and !minimize)”

  1. Did $realuser change after the bot has been sold to streamlabs ? I used $user for seppuku, I couldn't make it work with $realuser. Just wondering.

  2. Nice Work!
    i am stunned 😀 will share you're video's!
    am learning still everything about twitch and making everything in order before i'll start my twitch
    and i already know viewer's will love the mini game's!
    Thank you so much!

  3. Excellent video :).
    The videos u make about Ankhbot helpt me really.
    Can you make some video about the $readrandline pls?

  4. Is there a way to add/subtract the actual currency from a user?
    I use they use the points system and I would like to implement that.

  5. I havent tried these commands yet in my bot, but I wanted to thank you so much!! Very much appreciated! I was attempting to create a !21 command very similar to your roulette. I could never get it to work, but now I can just modify the files you shared. <3 <3

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