Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Christmas Toy Day Tournament & Reward Information – Jingle’s Magic Bag And Toy Day Set

Jingle the Reindeer on Toy DayNintendo

Christmas is simply one of the crucial many annual occasions celebrated in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, accurately branded in-game as ‘Toy Day’.

On this information we will take you thru the whole lot you want to understand in regards to the Toy Day tournament and returning personality Jingle.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Christmas Toy Day Tournament Information

Christmas and Toy Day Tournament Occasions

Toy Day festivities will happen on December 24th — Christmas eve — starting at 5am, and can run for a complete 24 hours. Particular Toy Day-themed track can be heard taking part in for your island — every other clue the vacation is underway.

How one can In finding Jingle

On the time of the development, Jingle the reindeer will also be discovered out of doors Resident Services and products, together with his bag of toys and chocolates. There, he will be waiting for your help in crafting festive wrapping paper and handing out presents from Santa to the opposite villagers.

Toy Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Toy Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Symbol: Nintendo)

The entirety You Can Do On Christmas and Toy Day

Beneath is a whole checklist of all the actions you’ll be able to participate in on Toy Day – learn on within the article for extra explicit main points on each and every job:

  1. In finding Jingle in entrance of Resident Services and products on December 24th
  2. Free up the Festive Wrapping Paper DIY recipe from Jingle
  3. Craft three of the Festive Wrapping Paper pieces and provides them to Jingle
  4. Download Toy Day Stockings to hold in your house
  5. Download Jingle’s Magic Bag of gifts
  6. Talk over with each and every of your neighbors, each outside and inside in their houses, to give them their gifts from the Magic Bag
  7. Download a praise (Reward Pile) from Jingle after handing over a majority of the gifts
  8. Download a 2d praise from Jingle (Santa’s Sleigh) after handing out all the gifts
  9. Trade wrapped non-public presents together with your neighbors afterwards to obtain extra colour permutations of the Christmas Toy Day pieces from Corner’s Cranny
  10. Hold up your Toy Day stockings in your house that night time at the 24th, and take a look at them the morning of the 25th to obtain Jingle’s Photograph

How one can Craft Festive Wrapping Paper for Jingle

On Toy Day, Jingle will first request your help in crafting some festive wrapping paper for Santa’s gifts. He’ll provide you with the DIY recipe for the Festive Wrapping Paper, and request that you just craft three items for him.

To craft each and every piece of festive wrapping paper, you’ll be able to want considered one of each and every of the other colours of adorns, which will also be shaken down from the embellished cedar timber.

After you craft the wrapping paper and provide it to Jingle, he will come up with a collection of Toy Day Stockings – which will also be hung at the wall in your home. Make sure to take action that night time, as a way to take a look at them at the morning of the 25th and obtain Jingle’s Photograph!

As well as, Jingle will request your help in handing out Santa’s gifts to the island citizens, and then he will bestow upon you a Magic Bag, containing gifts for each and every of your neighbors.

Magic Bag from Jingle
Magic Bag from Jingle (Symbol: Austin Voigt)

Giving Christmas Presents to Villagers from Santa With Magic Bag

In contrast to in earlier video games, on Toy Day in New Horizons, a gift can be given on your neighbors from the Magic Bag robotically whilst you discuss to them – no wish to stay an inventory of hints or monitor down the pieces they might like.

Gifts will automatically be selected for villagers
Presents will robotically be decided on for villagers (Symbol: Austin Voigt)

If the villager has a prime friendship stage with you, they will every so often come up with a present in go back! It is going to regularly be a unique colour variation of the toys you’ll be able to download in Corner’s Cranny (see “Festive Toys for Sale at Corner’s Cranny” checklist beneath).

Even supposing it’s not a demand to put on a Santa outfit from the Ready Sisters – because it used to be in earlier video games – by means of doing so, you’ll be able to get some lovable reactions out of your neighbors.

Moreover, you’ll be able to take a look at what number of gifts you’ve gotten left at hand out by means of clicking at the Magic Bag to your stock. Do not fail to remember to discuss to Jingle each whilst you’ve passed out a majority of your presents, and after handing all of them out, for some particular rewards!

Giving Private Presents to Villagers After Handing Out Items

After handing out all the presents from Santa, you are able to trade non-public presents with villagers. You’ll want to wrap each and every merchandise in wrapping paper (they will come up with some if you have no).

In trade, they will come up with other colour permutations of the toys which have been available in Corner’s Cranny all over December (see “Festive Toys for Sale at Corner’s Cranny” checklist beneath).

Christmas Toy Day Set Pieces

Beneath are all the pieces you’ll be able to download whilst collaborating in Toy Day actions:

Merchandise Symbol Merchandise Title How one can Download
Festive Wrapping Paper
Reward Pile Turning in a majority of presents and talking to Jingle
Toy Day Stockings
Toy Day Sleigh Turning in all presents and talking to Jingle
Gift Pile
Crimson Wrapping Paper Chatting with villagers and looking to trade non-public presents with them with none wrapped gifts to your stock
Toy Day Sleigh
Jingle’s Photograph Putting your Toy Day Stockings at the wall in your home on Christmas Eve, and checking them at the morning of the 25th

Festive Toys for Sale at Corner’s Cranny

Along with the Toy Day pieces you’ll be able to obtain, beneath is a entire checklist of all festive toy pieces available to buy at Corner’s Cranny all over December. Be aware that whilst there are lots of colour variants of all the toys, your island’s Corner’s Cranny will simplest lift one set of variants — you should definitely trade with your folks to gather all of them!

Merchandise Symbol Merchandise Title Colour Variants
Dinosaur Toy
Dinosaur Toy Grey, Brown, Inexperienced, Blue, Crimson
Dollhouse Crimson, Brown, Blue, Orange, Inexperienced, Crimson, Pink
Kids' Tent
Children’ Tent White, Crimson, Black, Stripes, Floral, Blue, Brown, Colourful
Mini Circuit
Mini Circuit Crimson & White, Blue & Yellow, Black & Silver, Crimson & Pink
Pop-Up Book
Pop-Up Guide The Ocean Blue, The Mesozoic Global, Savannah, Plants
Puppy Plushie
Pet Plushie Beige, Crimson, Lemon & White, Noticed, Black, Tricolored, Grey & White, Crimson
RC Helicopter
RC Helicopter Blue, Crimson, Yellow, Inexperienced, Crimson, Gentle Blue, Pink
Tin Robot
Tin Robotic Silver, Blue, Crimson, Orange, Yellow, Inexperienced, Crimson, Black

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