All IN SEVERAL TIMES – Kyle Fischl Poker Vlog

Hi Global,
That is episode 57 of my poker vlog. My sizings are inferior to I would need them to be. That is particularly obvious within the first hand. If the A7 hand is going the opposite direction a benefit over 1k as a substitute of being down at the day.

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Motion pictures used:
Ant Guy
Avengers Endgame
Wolf of Wall Boulevard
Famous person Wars the drive Awakens

32 Replies to “All IN SEVERAL TIMES – Kyle Fischl Poker Vlog”

  1. Have you thought about playing at best bet live? It's in Florida as well and I think it would be a good opportunity to learn more about your game and make for a good vlog

  2. I was like wow this place looks familiar….my dumbass didn't even see the logo till you did the stand up all in… I love that poker room

  3. Well Kyle, that's where you're wrong! Someday there won't be another poker session. You could get run over by a moose before you managed to book a win, and then you'd be just a degen, and not a professional elite stone cold grinder.

    Consequently what you need to do is stay in the casino until you Martingale it back! That way you can always be a winner. Just bring 20 buy-ins and a small bag of methamphetamine and keep ordering diet cokes and moving up in stakes until either you get unstuck, or you lose your roll or your teeth.

  4. Been watching since you got clobbered with the kings a couple times and you’ve finally earned my sub… I didn’t think there was anyone that ran as bad as me so it’s comforting watch you get sucked out on as odd as that may sound. I also love a lot of your movie references. Keep it up and let the channel know when you plan on coming to hardrock Tampa. That’s my home room

  5. I don’t think your fold with the set was particularly nitty. If your read is that your opponent rarely, if ever, raises without having the nuts, it was a good move to get out of the way. I play with several players like that (including my wife) and it is incredibly painful to fold sets and baby flushes. But, when you’re beat, you’re beat.

  6. The wolf of wall street clip after you flopped a set of 60s is the reason i subscribed, good luck man keep killing it 👌🏻

  7. $565. $200-$250 folds out all draws the same way $565 does. You are simply way over exposed by jamming in this spot. When your opponent wakes up with a hand you save $315-$365. I'm not sure you get any less folds by jamming in fact you may even get called more often because jams are perceived as more bluffy. We are really only talking about 6x exactly. 9's call as you mentioned in the vlog. Do you fold out more 6x with a jam?…..maybe. as players get better really the answer is no. Even if you do get more folds out of 6x holdings that is not reason enough fore all that extra exposure. This will play out all the time on the felt ass you know. Minimizing exposure in these spot will increase your winrate dramatically. Keep up the awesome vlogs. Its fun to see a hometown(Florida) vlogger!!!

  8. Hey Kyle let me first say that I really enjoy the vlogs. I enjoy your sense of humor with the movie clips. The "run bad" clip on this vlog was especially funny. I play same stakes in south Florida. I've been grinding a ton online lately because of Covid. Playing 25,000 hands a month has been crazy. Very good results so far playing nl100 and nl200. There really is only one learning spot I can think of pertaining to this vlog……..but it's a very key one. BTW I've seen all your vlogs and think your logic is generally very sound. No doubt your a solid player with a perfect attitude to be a crusher. The QT of spades hand at the 8 minute mark is a crucial mistake. You started the hand with 800 soby the river shove you still had

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