All About Card Counting with Blackjack Professional Henry Tamburin

Playing writer and blackjack knowledgeable Henry Tamburin solutions one of the maximum commonplace questions that gamers have about card counting in blackjack. Subjects …

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  1. The dealer takes the money from a made 21 double down hand on third base at the 10:20 mark of this video!! What in TF!??? Dealers make mistakes all the time. All the more reason to have your counting and basic strategy down pat, because you will need to catch dealer mistakes without losing the count. often. truth.

  2. Not sure what things are like at the high limit tables because I've never tried it, but one thing I've noticed at the low limit table ($10 min) at my local casino is that if I'm card counting or just playing basic strategy, I stick out like a sore thumb because I'm always the only guy at the table not playing the side bets. I don't think the casino really cares about me because I'm only an occasional player and I'm a low roller, but I think if you tried card counting at the high limit tables, not making the side bets would be the first indication to the casino that you're counting.

  3. Some Guaranteed ways to lose and have a frown as you lose 1. stay too long

    2. get addicted to slots.

    3. playing BJ at tables with AUTOMATIC CONSTANT SHUFFLING MACHINES and / or

    BJ TABLES THAT ONLY PAY OUT 2:1 for a BlackJack

    If you're up any amount that rings your bell, leave and leave gambling for the whole day.

    (Read all to the bottom to see my BIG tip! 😍🙄😘😍😉👍🏽‼️👍🏽👍🏽

    But don't play slots: AmericanCasino Guide has videos 'TOP 20 Slot Machine Mistakes!! '. They are too fastpaced and sneaky …Not fun and they're guaranteed to take all your $$💰💰💰…..

    So; leave if you're ahead–😉💋 👔💍👛🍛🍻🍟🍔 You've had your fun, why spoil it!!

    Enjoy your life, leave and do tourist stuff, sexxxy stuff or if you're not on vaca' just get the wash done, the car detailed, or take the kids to a movie,

    ballgame or swimming.

    Budget! Plan ahead and only take and spend your


    Forget borrowing from a friend or spouse or ATM.

    EXPERTISE at your game counts,, use a bit of brains and don't play stupidly making childish moves, in craps, or card games.

    But I know it's hard to remember the correct rules, strategies and even ( in poker ) different player types and body language stories. Why not try this stress free, non competitive fun game that requires only a little bit of patience??

    Roulette, commonly thought to be a dumb game to play, is one of the best and smartest games to play if you are PATIENT!!

    Here's the secret the casinos don't want you to know !!

    –Formerly hot numbers, ALWAYS stop hitting and cold numbers ALWAYS heat up, because over a day or two all numbers will hit evenly all around the wheel!!

    So watch carefully and note the 'hits ' for 2 hours before supper, then go eat , and note them again and get a read on which formerly cold numbers are now heating up a little………and then strike !!

    Perhaps the numbers 4-6 and 9 have been cold and are starting to hit a few times.

    With a small wager you cover 6 numbers, six SOON TO BE HOT numbers, we hope.


    This is a month later and here's an important addition!!
    Once you have chosen the warming numbers , those 6, in a bunch , it's vitally important to bet small SMALL and be very patient with them . You can't expect them to win immediately!!
    Keep betting them for a minimum of 12 spins and see if the ball hits or comes next to your numbers. Close is good!!
    It shows you your numbers will be hitting soon…… End of edit..

    ANOTHER THING TO WATCH IS JUST the % of BLACK or RED, hitting .

    — If black has hit and hit & hit 20/25 spins you don't have to be a genius to know to put bets ON RED. ( tho the bet is bigger than on inside numbers ☔️👎🏽)

    Use this slow patient ROULETTE strategy to have fun and maybe win a few bucks IN THE LONG RUN!!

    The first step is up to you. Go get a pen & paper and keep track of the 'Old Hot #'. And the 'Cold #' . Put them on a the circle on your page and then simply watch and keep track for the next couple of hours ( while you have lunch )

  4. Card counting is legal , how can you not see the cards coming out. Reshuffling early is illegal though, you are changing the outcome of the cards

  5. You're talking about card counting, but showing a video where they're using a continuous shuffler which totally negates counting.

  6. I tried card counting once. However, I struggled to when it came to doing true count conversions. Not to mention all the basic strategy deviations you have to make. Sometimes the counts get absurd to the point where hitting on hard 17 is the right play (although if you're doing that then the player is almost certainly using a computer). The easiest way for a casino to spot a card counter is not the bet sizing as mentioned in the video, but what players do when they have 16 against a dealer 10. As whether to hit or stand depends on whether count is positive or negative.

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