Algiers (1938) complete film

Pepe Le Moko is a infamous thief, who escaped from France. Since his get away, Moko changed into a resident and chief of the immense Casbah of Algiers. French officers arrive insisting on Pepe’s seize are met with unfazed native detectives, led via Inspector Slimane, who’re biding their time. In the meantime, Pepe meets the gorgeous Gaby , which arouses the jealousy of Ines –

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45 Replies to “Algiers (1938) complete film”

  1. Two hollywood movies brought north aftica to fame

  2. One of my absolute favorite movies of all time…love the atmosphere…love the characters…love the music…the movie gets better with each viewing…HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  3. Contrairement à ce qui est annoncé ce film n'est pas de John Berry. Il a été réalisé par John Cromwell, lui aussi victime de la chasse aux sorcières, et date de 1938.

  4. Very nicely directed movie by John Cromwell.Equally performed by French actor Charles Boyer n sexy Hedi Lammar.Charles Boyer's performance as good as Jean Gabin who played Pepe Le Moko before.Nice to watch,very nice n clear print too.

  5. Hedy Lamarr aside from her acting invented frequency hopping to jam radio controlled torpedo signals which led to future cellphone, wifi, bluetooth, GPS technology among other things.

  6. Strongly prefer the 1948 version, 'Casbah' for 1.the sexual chemistry between Pepe (Tony Marti)n and Gaby (Marta Toren); 2.Peter Lorre's brilliant Slimane; 3.the absence of gunplay.

  7. Hedy my darling , how beautiful you were. You were a shimmering image of moonlight on the screen , an immoral temptress of the highest caliber. What a beautiful goth you would have made my dear. 💕

  8. A very tragic love story that has one hoping would end differently. The 1948 remake was good but in my opinion this one broke the mold. Superbly acted by Charles Boyer. Hedy of course stunning and fabulous in her breakout role. I'd like to see the 1937 version with Jean Gabin.

  9. Still think Ava Gardner was the more beautiful, than Hedy. When Ava smiled and laughed, she remained gorgeous. Hedy does not look beautiful when she smiles.

  10. A labyrinth 'within' a labyrinth, all woven through a relatively
    small hill-top citadel
    of 40,000 inhabitants.
    The thesus for a grad-
    ate-sociologist's dream.

  11. The original movie is Pepe le Moko from Duvivier with Jean Gabin in 1937. Good copy/paste but the french movie is a masterpiece

  12. oh! I knew that movie I just watched was familiar!! I just watched "Casbah" (1948) with "Pepe Le Moko" and Peter Lorre as Inspector. I hadn't seen it before, but I was thinking on the ending. But now here I am in "Algiers" (1938) with Charles Boyer and Hedy Lamar, which I have seen before. Explains why "Casbah" was familiar. I wonder if the endings of both movies are the same? I forget what the ending of "Algiers" is.

  13. The legendary cinematographer of this film, James Wong Howe, married a white woman, Sanora Babb, in 1937. Under California law, interracial marriage was illegal until 1948, which placed great strains on their personal as well as professional lives. His studio contract contained a "morals clause" which prevented him from acknowledging his marriage. As well, he was "greylisted" and she blacklisted for suspected communist sympathies.

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