"Agaryate" Episode 5 "Playing Dependancy"

Impaired circle of relatives relationships, divorce, emotional issues, home violence, kid abuse and overlook, and naturally monetary difficulties are probably the most maximum commonplace affects on members of the family of folks with playing issues. Don’t be ashamed to hunt skilled counceling earlier than it’s too past due.
Particular because of Shabeh Lawando and Miraj-Layalena.
“Agaryate” starring Maryam Shamalta and Adeel Johnson are brief episodes that includes day by day problems all of us handle. On the finish of every episode you’ll discover a transient recommendation on the best way to handle that particular factor when it comes up on your existence.
Agaryate are a Shamiram Media, LLC manufacturing

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  1. I've known people that worked over 40 years in the U.S with nothing to show for it because of gambling. It's sad to see some work all their life and in the end have nothing. if my kids start gambling even just cards then its time to worry!

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