Adam Savage's Rounders Poker Chips and Case Reproduction!

One in all Adam’s favourite films is Rounders, and he stocks the tale of his adventure to copy the poker chips as noticed within the movie. Lately, Adam used to be impressed …

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  1. Lol what? Common knowledge to most chip enthusiasts. The company made these originally was ASM. They’ve changed ownership 3 times if I recall. Now called CPC. They still have these. Although the Roman mold is no longer available.

  2. I know nothing about anything that was just said – but wouldn’t a laser etched replica of the bear on one side, and a number/letter on the other side look really cool?

  3. Im a Blackjack Dealer, worked at the same company 17 years now, the Clear Transports are for Security, so the Cameras can see the chips from Point A to B, Chips are always removed when placed in and Taken out and Re-counted (Broken Down) for the cameras and the Security and Cage Cashier have to sign when leaving the cage and Dealer and Supervisor when received at the table, 1 copy is dropped in the cash box, one copy returns with the empty case and security to cage . in a Private game, they may use what ever, But Im guessing the owner would be the one handing them out or at least escorting them.

  4. To be honest, i would've put the double headed bear from Fallout. Because what kind of story would that spin, of a set of chips that survived the Fallout…

  5. The irony is he knows Jamie who actually knows Russian and has a degree in Russian Linguistics… He could of consulted him… Unless he and Jamie kinda just parted ways.

  6. The chips used in both KGB's place and the Chesterfield Club were made by Atlantic Standard Molding (ASM) which makes custom chips for casinos and home games.

  7. I would love to see how the case to this was constructed, i have 1500 chips myself for the big games i play with the boys on the weekend. I unfortunatly have them all in the set cases i bought them in. Any thoughts on showing how you made it? id love to build 1 of these myself for my own set

  8. Teddy liked cookies remember? so maybe each one can be called like the Oreos, the chips ahoy, the grandma's the famous amos…

  9. You could put the signs in invisible paint, so if ted kgb needs to know what poker chip carrier he should take, he light it up the signs with blue dark light, because no one should know what he is carrying

  10. i know it's been a while since you've posted this, but there are a lot of available cold war era and soviet locks available online that would do a much better job than that yale, although it's a good yale with a built in chain, i'd highly suggest to find a more appropriate russian lock, and or chain, and the chain could also just fit into the hasp of the lock, as it would for normal use… please consider that, it would be such an interesting and inexpensive kind of upgrade to the overall aesthetic to the piece

  11. it's super weird to look at person who says something about your country and your language like a foreigner. a lot of things are so clear for you, that you can't imagine how they don't know it.

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