Accidental ASMR 🤵🏼 2h MALE On line casino Broker Compilation (Blackjack, Poker, Shuffling & Mumbling)

00:00 Preview
00:30 Intro
02:09 Younger Blonde Blackjack Broker (deep voice)
14:04 Fancy Bow-Tie Poker Broker
24:41 Chic Blackjack Man (most commonly shuffling, cleansing)
34:04 Quiet Cushy Spoken Poker Broker
44:36 Inconspicuous Blackjack Broker (& shuffling)
52:59 Every other Cool-Man Blackjack Broker
56:40 Blonde Lanky Poker Broker
1:10:32 Blackjack Competitive Card Drawer (& shuffling)
1:22:16 Robust (French?) Accessory Blackjack Broker
1:28:39 Collection of Blackjack & Poker Sellers
1:58:49 Humorous Outtakes

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50 Replies to “Accidental ASMR 🤵🏼 2h MALE On line casino Broker Compilation (Blackjack, Poker, Shuffling & Mumbling)”

  1. I’ve searched for more videos like this because these videos just aren’t enough I need more. But all the other online casino videos are disappointing

  2. My new favourite vid! And my new favourite phrase. I'm walking about, and saying to complete strangers in the street "whachew gonnew do when they come for YEW?" And what's with all the mesmerising hand gestures? Is it something to do with the automatic card reading software? Like the way some phone-cameras can respond to gestures?

  3. Okay. I've figured out what's the problem with this video. The female counterpart videos are quiet, just the voice of the lovely dealers you can hear the cards being flipped. In the guy dealers video. It sounds like its filmed at a convenience store. The dealer's voice is as loud as the the people in the back at times. It sounds like a circus. Don't mind you/dealers voice. It's everyone else that's distracting.

  4. This might be a dumb question on my end, but how do they clearly know the card before they flip it…? They can’t be that damn fast, surely.

  5. Yeah I like it when you actually play and have commentary. I’m sorry if I’m encouraging something negative but I do like that 😂

  6. All of these dealers have been hypnotized. They are all attractive, young boys, who were trafficked, and are enslaved as sex workers or in gambling enterprises. They never leave that building. The unattractive/older ones work in the mines.

  7. Omg my favorite part is when they start to do the shuffling of the decks and changing them! You gotta upload vids of that it's amazing!!

  8. So were the dealers doing this prior to Covid or did this take off more now that people can’t really physically be at a blackjack table

  9. I don't quite get the concept of poker even though i read some explanations, can someone explain it to me in the easiest way possible maybe?😅

  10. this is satisfying not only bc of their voices and the card sounds but also bc I deeply appreciate someone that knows how to shuffle a deck with that kind of expertise

  11. Casinos are evil… If you are addicted and still have little money, run from it before you end with nothing. Find yourself another hobby that won't make you feel miserable and that doesn't ruin your life like it ruined mine.

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