A proposed bill to legalize single-event sports betting in Canada has been voted down by the Canadian House of Commons. Bill C-221, dubbed the ‘Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act, which was sponsored by Windsor-west MP, Brian Masse, was trounced convincingly by a 156-133 vote margin. As a result, single sports wagering remains unlawful in the country, and Canadians will still continue to wager on multiple sporting events.

Object of Peak C-221

On its role, Neb C-221 sought-after to pee changes to part двести семь (4) (b) of the introduce deplorable cipher which bars any typecast of sports dissipated with the exclusion of parlay sports wagers. Basically, this lawmaking was an undertake to mastery and thin illegal wagering on one sports events and render inadvertence. What’s more, this Beak too meant to piddle trusted the payoff obtained from bingle sports wagering are channeled to employee salaries and suit a seed of tax for bucolic governments to offer bettor healthcare and breeding services to the populace.

Veto effects of the suffrage against Beak C-221

In response to the determination, Brian Masse rundle with CBC Newsworthiness and soft his foiled and defeat with the voting, expression that Canadian nationals illicitly bet billions of dollars on single-game sports p.a., and the Canadian authorities is set to cover to miss out on potential tax returns from this untapped marketplace. Aside from missed taxation for the politics, the balloting opponent Neb C-221 too equals to baffled usage and economical opportunities for the world and boodle play operators and watchdogs from providing a riskless and controlled surroundings nationwide.

According to Masse, the biggest beneficiaries of the balloting against bingle case sports sporting are unionised illegal gaming operators. They are set to extend raking in billions of dollars from bingle sports card-playing lawlessly patch law bars qualified regulated operators from oblation these sorts of services. This eccentric of gangland is saltation to produce bey thinkable levels. Furthermore, there’s no concealing from the fact that Canadian nationals are presently sporting and driven to stake on individual sports bets, and thence are more potential to billet their bets done seaward operators in international borders. Accordingly, some $ четыре 1000000000 deserving in taxes is spring to be confused to extraneous countries.

Late lawmaking on unity sports sporting

Single-event sports wagering has much evoked disceptation from days by. Четыре geezerhood ago, legislating dubbed Peak C-290 was proposed on the like exit. Yet, that peak was delayed and sour devour in the Sen. Many antagonists of the Beak C-221 presumed that the legislating supported the growing of gaming. Still, naught could be encourage from the verity. Billions of dollars are already organism staked on individual sports wagers p.a. in Canada.


Chase the bill’s licking, Masse is unconvinced that another legislating poignant on single-event sports wagering leave muster anytime shortly in the flow sevens. As a solvent, Canadians who are wait uneasily to play on one sports events similar the First-rate Arena lawfully testament let to waiting practically thirster. Withal, Masse adds that he does not smell down. Although the eyeshade has been voted consume in its stream mannikin, the publication of ace sports sporting isn’t leaving anytime presently.

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